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How to use remorse in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word remorse? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
He looked as stricken as I felt, remorse and guilt printed subtly on his patrician face.
They were speedily consigned, without remorse, to the young gentlemen's sleeping apartment.
The Assassins kill without remorse in the name of the common folk, but they do so in secret, answerable only to each other.
To others, it is like a red-hot poker shoved, without remorse, up the wazoo.
She gives herself to him fully and without remorse, despite knowing that their passion cannot last.
He great satisfaction helping anyone he could his entire life, without remorse or hesitation.
The two artists are very good at glitchy, abstract manipulations, here without remorse and full of ingenuity.
We know when trouble finds him, Reacher will do whatever it takes. Dispassionately and without remorse.
This leads to feelings of loss, guilt and remorse and sets in progress the process of mourning.
Nathan's body slumped to the ground, his eyes filled with hate and for once a bit of remorse.
Ray in a fit of remorse confessed to the police, who analysed the drink and discovered it was incapable of causing death.
Shock and remorse showed there, the pink in his cheeks fading to a pale colour I had never seen on him before.
He seemed like he was talking about someone else, without any sign of shame and remorse, and without any emotional involvement.
They said they would have liked to have seen some obvious sign of remorse from the young man.
He said the defendants had lied to police, lied to the court and demonstrated little genuine remorse.
It portrays Martin as a befuddled individual with a short attention span and a weight problem, who exhibits no sign of remorse.
The essays are heavily laced with anger, remorse and angst, as Powell examines his life on microscopic and macroscopic levels.
After her examination, but by this time armed with remorse and guilt, I asked for the meaning of the multiple burn scars on her skin.
I developed my abilities of termination with extreme prejudice, and without an inkling of remorse.
Moreover, murderers are of all criminals the most prone to genuine remorse and self-reproach.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Smitten to the heart by a sudden and overwhelming remorse, Hetty was speechless.
It was followed by a fear, an appalling fear, more painful than the remorse.
To assuage remorse, she sought to give evidence as to a prevalent sympathy.
In his silent hours of remorse he had cherished it as one atoning circumstance.
To Madame Boyer her illness had brought hours of torment, and at last remorse.
Do you make an ale-house of my lady's house, that ye squeak out your cozier's catches without any mitigation or remorse of voice?
Do you make an alehouse of my lady's house, that you squeak out your cozier's catches without any mitigation or remorse of voice?
The gloomier colourings of his mind had been deepened, too, by secret remorse.
But to Tyrrel and his two assassins, Forest and deighton, the spectacle suggested neither pity nor remorse.
But was it from habit, or was it in self-punishment and remorse, that he never took off the cord?
His guilt must have already had its expiation in years of remorse and suffering.
It was only fair to tell me in the last lines that the face-ache was better, to keep off a fit of remorse.
No feeling of remorse stole over her to imbitter the sweets of her triumphant thoughts.
But you would pardon me if you knew how much I have suffered from it, and how keen my remorse has been.
The main point here is that so often brought forward, of the uniqueness of remorse.
Here is Donatello haunted with strange remorse, and an unmitigable resolve to obtain what he deems justice upon himself.
The startling disappearance of Nita from the Rhodus house had filled him with vague alarm and unowned remorse.
Had I done so, how poignant would be my remorse at the retribution of our own sufferings, and the pity of those I had so injured!
The revulsion of feeling, the unspeakable horror, the remorse, was more than I could bear.
Sometimes remorse is advanced by criminals as a palliation of their crimes.
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