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How to use reconstitute in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word reconstitute? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
To reconstitute them, just rinse in water to remove any loose dirt then combine with hot water for about 20 minutes.
Why did you not report that any attempt to reconstitute the country's WMD programmes would be immediately detectable to Western technology?
Please make sure that you don't reconstitute your infant formula with water that is not purified.
Once it's dry, grind it up into a powder and reconstitute with water or vinegar as needed.
Henry II's attempt to reconstitute the fyrd in 1181 indicates that the system was still considered valuable.
We are going to reconstitute the Court for the next case, so we will adjourn now and resume at 2 pm.
Hopefully that new government, after June 30th, will be able to reconstitute their army, which is what I hope they will do.
On the one hand, faculty retirements give institutions flexibility to reconstitute their faculty in the years ahead.
Rather, it is by engaging in these interactions that organizations constitute and reconstitute themselves as social realities.
If he was going to reconstitute reality, then he had to do so without resorting to a hyperrealist presentation.
In addition, processed cheese manufacture offers companies the opportunity to reconstitute cheese trim or odd lots into a useful product.
Writing, which ought to nurture and give shape to thought, is instead being used to pound it into a powder and then reconstitute it into gruel.
Biometric identifiers are digital codes that cannot be used to reconstitute your image or fingerprint.
It is a buffer used to stabilize newly conjugated proteins, to reconstitute lyophilized conjugates, and to dilute concentrated conjugates.
Cartes-de-visites carry the stamps of their studios which help us to reconstitute the travels of the subjects or collectors.
It is doubtful, however, that such interest is meant to reconstitute the former empire, even within the CIS, as the costs would be too high.
The mixture is put in shape and compacted to reconstitute the pavement course on the spot.
These values must be revivified in order to reconstitute a solid basis for viable and prosperous communities.
Like spotted dog, a pudding dear to Captain Jack, lobscouse took a while to reconstitute.
To reconstitute the vaccine, first withdraw the entire contents of the diluent vial into a syringe.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He hoped from these two words to reconstitute his earlier personality.
The presumptuousness is compounded when the idea is to reconstitute the society into a mirror image of the superpower.
The patient then receives a donor's healthy marrow cells, which grow into blood cells and reconstitute the immune system.
Once you open a container or reconstitute juice, the process of oxidation starts reducing the juice's ascorbic acid.
How, with what is made, can we reconstitute what is being made?
In fact the attempt was made to reconstitute the Liverpool Cabinet.
The object of all his efforts was to reconstitute the power of the empire.
This accomplished, Clive proceeded to reconstitute the Calcutta Council.
He thought he could reconstitute the events of the last three days.
Now there were sufficient details to reconstitute the tragic scene.
But can you reconstitute it for purposes of national defense?
He is forced into an attempt to reconstitute the picture for others.
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