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How to use raucous in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word raucous? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
The fox alerts a 'building' of rooks in the highest branches of the ash trees, which takes flight in a chorus of raucous cawing.
The peacocks cause considerable disturbance with their raucous cries, which usually begin at around 4am.
Awnings shade raucous vegetable sellers while swarthy men with wooden carts hawk pomegranates, dates and mangoes.
Despite my overall black mood, an occurrence did send me into a fit of raucous laughter.
Occasionally, I can hear a car drive past or the raucous squawk of a seagull in search of a discarded fish supper.
It stopped dead in the middle of the road with a raucous screech of the brakes.
I often turned heads, but this flash of interest was accompanied by raucous laughter, shrill whistles, or, most often, suggestive murmurs.
We heard the raucous squabbling of gulls and the haunting pipe of the curlew.
Nothing startling, then, just a solid album for those who like their female vocalists neither too poppy nor raw and raucous.
The infamous Six O'Clock Swill died under a raucous cheer when pubs were allowed to stay open serving the amber liquid until 10pm.
She is at least spared stereotypical depiction as drunken and raucous in her filthy skillion.
Hart plays the genie in this raucous take on the British pantomime, a story based on the myth of Aladdin and his magic lamp.
I am going to close my window to shut out the noise of raucous laughter coming from across the channel.
Like most pop music, this song transitions from a relatively calm verse to a more raucous chorus.
She threw the keys back and forth, causing them to fill the air with raucous noise.
Annalise whose zest for life and whose loud raucous ways had been both shocking and enticing to the bookish Emily.
A band blows solemn notes as two riders on magnificently caparisoned horses trot to the president's box, salute, and trot back to raucous cheers.
The wildness of the charge sent shock waves through a non-violent, if raucous protest culture.
They formed part of a raucous theatre group called Van Load, visiting borstals, pubs and the occasional prison to bring theatre to the masses.
He was unprepared for the loud cheers from a raucous crowd that greeted him when he exited the restroom.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The din of raucous and numbingly repetitive music reverberates through the smoke-enshrouded joint.
They roared the raucous song of freedom, and faster and faster they charged.
Her voice, as she spoke to the constrictor this time, was shrill and raucous.
He heard the clatter of concrete mixers, the raucous grind of the crusher, the scream of donkey engines and the shouts of foremen.
Above the earsplitting thunder of the eruption he heard shrill cries and raucous shoutings.
His profanity is more raucous and vicious than the Northerner's, his ebriety more ribald, brutal, and swinish.
It was a raucous howl of execration, a bellow of rage, inarticulate, deafening.
His voice was so deep and raucous that it seemed to jar the soles of her feet.
For a while, Oliver Symmes heard the raucous music of the crowd.
The pteranodon rose, sounding its raucous croak as if in mockery.
Seth MacFarlane sets his sights on America's Wild Wild West for this rude, raucous and blessedly way-over-the-top comedy.
Some lean lazily against the side-posts, humming to themselves or calling to the passer-by in a raucous voice, and some listlessly read.
Cochran's voice rose above the clamor of the room in a raucous whoop.
White is willing to go to Orange County, a raucous, loosely autobiographical comedy from MTV Films.
And it brought the wonderfully raucous Gladys Morgan, whose high-C cackle made your average fishwife or even Vera Duckworth sound refined, to a huge audience.
But the noise of the struggle was dreadfully distinct, and most terrible of all were the raucous, squawking sounds made by the strangled man's efforts to breathe.
Brilliantly plumaged birds with raucous voices darted from tree to tree.
He rose rigidly from his chair, leaving all the rest sitting, screwed his eyeglass into his eye, and spoke in a raucous undertone as if he had half-forgotten how to speak.
The amour-propre that sustains them in their delusions of omnipotence is punctured by the raucous irreverence of those who guffaw at their unsmiling menace.
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