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For a putative calling card from one of the most powerful crews around, this thing is stuffed bow-to-stern with U.S. rap instrumentals.
The results are discussed in terms of a putative role of this enzyme in the release of oligosaccharins from the strawberry fruit cell wall.
The C 1 calibration was based on the estimated ages of the three earliest putative cercopithecoid and hominoid fossils.
Favourable or preferential treatment of nephews suggests that inheritance does not have to wait until the decease of the putative benefactor.
How was he going to fit with Frank, putative scourge of the overdog and the equestrian class?
Phage gene 46 encodes one subunit of a putative exonuclease that is thought to be directly involved in recombination and recombinational repair.
Two putative hybrids between Kalmia and Rhododendron are cultivated by enthusiasts and their status has always been the subject of debate.
Scatterplots show that those variables are related differently in the three putative species and appear not to vary in a clinal fashion.
One out of three putative double mutants that were transferred to soil developed a fasciated stem and a structure similar to an aerial rosette.
The putative affiliative bond is argued to be part of the phylogenetic heritage of the men of our species.
To his credit, there are Indianisms still in Narayan's work, untouched by any putative editorial insularity.
The point of education is not to give pupils a street plan of their local district but a putative map of the world.
The putative pluralists very rapidly drew back and refocused their attention on the state.
Superstitious turtle Churchy LaFemme was the putative author of many of these gems, though the rest of the cast could be just as prone to poesy.
The process is iterated until all putative ortholog sets have been examined.
Moreover, what makes this putative power even more potent is that it is believed to be clandestine and cliquish.
Analysis of the nucleotide sequence identifies an open reading frame of 1882 codons, interrupted by one putative intron.
In the echinoid gene order, the tRNA gene cluster follows the putative control region.
Additionally, both any putative aggregation pattern and the exact disposition of the interfacial tryptophans may differ for this conformer.
When the putative guardians of public morality put the screws to crime and horror comics, distributors refused to put them on newsstands.
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Would you care to hazard a surmise about the identity of these putative pirates?
In this study, we assessed the influence of a putative EO on SIB rates exhibited by Steve, an adolescent male with severe mental retardation.
Laura's putative father, Orsino Orsini, was present at the ceremony.
As of this moment your putative services will be no longer required.
He publishes but one book, of which he is the putative author.
The 2009 edition humanises Hinenuitepo by correcting her putative godhood.
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