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Sentence Examples
The second prong of the attack is to dramatically cut the price on the showroom floor.
She then bent the prong of a fork and used it to pick the lock on a kitchen window, enabling her to escape to freedom.
The card slots into the host computer's full-size USB 2.0 port beneath the prong that usually fits inside a USB connector's metal sheath.
The third prong would consist of a drive by the 14th British Army into central Burma behind the Chindits.
The second prong of his strategy is to achieve further reforms of the labour market.
The third prong is there because the appliance must be grounded to avoid electric shock.
To satisfy the second prong, it could have pointed to McGinnis' failure to complain in a timely manner.
The second prong of the MSN Explorer attack applies only to MSN email users.
The second prong would be to identify and hire individuals retiring or separating from the military with critical skills.
Military action is but a single prong of a much larger and broader effort to halt the threat of terrorism.
But more telling than this is the second prong of the Eastern Lyme Offensive.
Originally dating from the late 17th century this attractive trifid top pattern has three prong forks and a low relief based scroll and shell design, typical of the period.
There are four tapered baguette diamonds set in two prong heads.
First, when considering the first prong of the test he deals with the differing conduct of the various appellants as if it were all essentially the same conduct.
The third prong, a fresh Chasseur battalion, now came up in support.
Although some Reading Prong occurrences are localized in part in tension gashes, fissure veins are much more common.
Wolverhampton-born Raven joined Killing Joke in 1982, but also played and wrote with other groups, including Ministry, Godflesh, Prong, Pigface, Murder Inc, and Amen.
Examples from Classical Literature
The antelope is known as the pronghorn, because of a single small prong on each horn.
The spears were triple pronged, each prong ending in a saw-toothed araya bone and each bone darkened by the fatal wurali.
And as she walked she met Mr. prong himself, intent on his pastoral business.
The left quadrate appears to be in place on the posterior prong of the pterygoid.
And he sent his targe in the air in a bravado, catching it by the prong in its navel, smart and clean, when it whirled back.
With one prong of a compass in the centre of Hudson Bay, describe a circle.
His uncared-for wound was like a red-hot prong in his flesh.
Then one man has a rake too heavy for him, and another a prong too light.
I fancy them guarded by grooms of the chamber with flaming silver forks with which they prong all those who have not the right of the entree.
She went, therefore, in her present difficulty to Mr. prong.
Had we turned up the other prong we would have frozen to death.
In other cases a hook or prong is bent to change the spring tension.
Rachel I know is obstinate, but mother means well, Mr. prong.
Old muskets fired by a fusee, with a prong to rest the barrel on.
Someone has suggested a prong collar will stop the pulling instantly.
The algorithm to simulate prong deformation on basis of a moisture distribution works promising for the first tests with beech for both drying processes.
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