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To this end we see how quickly sundry arts mechanical were found out, in the very prime of the world.
A vain aristocrat, Gray had a picture painted of himself when he was in the prime of his youth.
By 2012 she would be in the prime of her athletics career, but for now, her priority will be her place in Helsinki and Melbourne.
Though in the prime of life, he still had the joyful high spirits of a young man, which he kept, I believe, into extreme old age.
In life some tragedies are strange and unexplainable and the passing of a young person in the prime of life is perhaps the most poignant of all.
He was in the prime of his youth, when the desire of worldly progress and material comfort and prosperity is strongest in a man's mind.
At 28 he might be in the prime of his career, but he still sees things in others he would like to add to his own game.
I mean, neither of us is in the prime of youth anymore and this was a bit of a backhanded compliment.
It told of desolate, regretted things befallen happy cities long since in the prime of the world.
Here she was in the absolute prime of her voice and her rendering of that famous Second Act is quite simply spine-tingling in all departments.
Although still in his mid-50s and in the prime of his productive professional life, fibrosing alveolitis had left him severely disabled.
Here was a father who lost not one but two children in quick succession, in the prime of their lives.
London Irish couldn't believe their luck, snapping up one of the best buys of the season, a finisher of proven pedigree in the prime of his career.
Now Antonius being a fair young man and in the prime of his youth, he fell acquainted with Curio, whose friendship and acquaintance was a plague unto him.
Nathan Berg's appearance at The Factory represents an unmissable opportunity to hear one of America's jazz greats in the prime of his creative life.
Many of them are young adults in whom we have invested an education, but who now find themselves in the prime of their lives with few alternatives.
A young woman who was struck down in the prime of her life with a potentially fatal illness has organised a series of events for the summer to raise money for charity.
Veer-Zaara is running to packed houses and you have several women and youngsters applauding the love one man shows for the woman he met briefly in the prime of his youth.
In the prime of manhood at 43, Simon runs a company closing in on half a billion dollars in revenues, with a market cap twice that, up from next to nothing eight years ago.
It is hard when we lose our parents as adults and even harder for parents and family when their children are taken away from them in the prime of their youth.
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Examples from Classical Literature
His genius got anglified, took a consumption, and perished in the prime of life.
He was snatched from the world in the prime of his youth, by a putrid fever, supposed to have been caught from dissecting a corpse in a state of dangerously advanced putrefaction.
In this her prime of existence and bloom of beauty they but subdued vivacity to pensiveness.
Josiah had been defeated and slain at Megiddo in the prime of his manhood, at the age of thirty-nine.
If a prime of the second form gets into your composite number, then that number cannot be the sum of two squares.
It was the prime of June and the winding willow-shaded cherwell was in its beauty.
Edwy dying without issue, the whole kingdom was reunited under Edgar, who, though in the prime of his youth, had already given undeniable proofs of a shining genius, and the most solid understanding.
It would be an unequal exchange, to give a warrior, in the prime of his age and usefulness, for the best woman on the frontiers.
Mr. Hayne died in Asheville, North Carolina, yet in the prime of life.
Anne spent a fortnight of halcyon days at Echo Lodge in the golden prime of August.
I came out of this age of ours, this ripe prime of the human race, when Fear does not paralyse and mystery has lost its terrors.
Her uncles Gaius and Lucius Csar had died in the prime of their age.
Moreover, as I was still in the prime of life, it pleased me better to be up and doing.
She had the strength and sang-froid of a woman in the prime of life.
What could he have done single-handed against a man in the prime of life?
The hermit, as if wishing to answer to the confidence of his guest, threw back his cowl, and showed a round bullet head belonging to a man in the prime of life.
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