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It will also be allowed to equip its army, run a police force and all of the departments of state.
In Indonesia, the police force deradicalised extremists and helped them with employment.
The police officer is the fourth officer from the police force to resign after featuring in the programme, screened on Tuesday night.
The armed forces consist of a small army and a police force with six hundred members.
After a portentous prologue, the film shifts five years ahead, showing him in his new position as lieutenant in the citizen police force.
With the mayor and the police force all breathing down Harry's neck, Harry finds himself between a rock and a hard place.
So too, one might think that an organized police force poses less of a threat of arbitrary power than a volunteer force.
One of those questioned was reported to have been on the staff of the Hamburg police force, where he was employed as an archivist.
Illegal residency was made a criminal offence, and a special police force was set up to seize and deport foreigners or rejected asylum-seekers.
A national police force oversees urban areas, and a gendarmerie attends to rural peacekeeping.
The legal and judicial systems of Martinique are those of France, as are the police force and gendarmerie.
Mr Bridges, who served in the Army, police force and was also a publican, said he was not daunted by public speaking.
However, the alleged attack was foiled by the alert police force of the district.
The Home Office Minister has floated the idea of setting up a part-time police force in North Yorkshire to fight crime in rural areas.
Perform tricks and flips on magnetically driven in-line skates, but watch out for the local police force!
The police force will have provided him with safety training, issued him with all the safety equipment that they can.
The threat of litigation against a police force would not make a policeman more efficient.
I think that it is wrong for any member to suggest that our police force is not one of the best police forces in the world.
No statutory provision invests the Governor in Council with a power of removing members of the police force from office.
Last week the police force were batting away allegations of systemic problems with witnesses or informers getting police protection.
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Examples from Classical Literature
So they're trying to steal our police force from us and use it for their war.
Did they still fight in Bottle Meyers, and was his friend tasset on the police force yet?
The boys returned to their memories of insult, as they regarded the police force.
The man on a chair beside him was one of the heads of the police force.
He also is the chief of the police force and catches the thieves.
Thirty-five Foot Guards were ordered to support the police force.
A place where the Ten Commandments have a police force behind them.
It is associated with armies and navies, and an unlimited police force.
I'll charter a couple of trading ketches, take my own black police force and as many white men as I cannot prevent from volunteering.
This situation is leading to massive demoralisation among the ranks of the security forces, particularly the provincial police force.
Ned stopped short, thinking he was to be the victim of a holdup, but his fears were allayed when he beheld one of the police force of Shopton confronting him.
Louisiana lacked the coherent centralized police force to repress banditry and brigandage in the countryside that Texas and most other states had.
He started shooting at the police force that arrived at the scene in Taima in Jahra with a machinegun and injured two officers, who were taken to hospital, it added.
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