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More headway was made among the Slavs of central Europe, aided by the relative ease of access and the penumbra of Carolingian power.
The penumbra of his face, and the emanations of light leaking from behind his ears, and his hair, was blinding.
The black penumbra which appears when you first look to its edges soon becomes brown.
He stands within the penumbra of the falls, near the top of Irish Mountain.
Outlined against the setting sun, the silhouette took on a strangely surreal beauty, as if a shadow's penumbra and umbra were fused together.
Our planet's shadow has two parts, a dark inner core called the umbra and a pale outer fringe called the penumbra.
How much the moon is dimmed depends on whether it passed through the penumbra or the darkest part of the shadow, the umbra.
Long, thin filaments radiate from the umbra into a brighter surrounding region called the penumbra.
But the penumbra is so faint that it cannot be recognized until just before the Moon enters the Earth's dark central shadow, the umbra.
I've been in a black mood since September 2001, it's hanging over me like a penumbra.
Like many words in everyday use, it carries with it, as it were, a penumbra of different shades of meaning.
Others tell different jokes that are incoherent except in the penumbra cast by the joke.
As the partial phase progresses, you are moving deeper and deeper into the Moon's penumbra.
A penumbra of fiery purple encircles this near-seamless construction of photographs, objects and painted images on wood.
In other cases the Moon does not pass through the umbra at all, just going through the penumbra.
And we would do well to remember that the penumbra is the lighter, outer region of the shadow, the halo, indeed, of the shadow.
The penumbra is the transition from the photosphere to the umbra.
Soft shadows will create more realistic lighting effects, since this type of shadow more closely resembles shadows in the real world, and cast both an umbra an a penumbra.
A penumbral eclipse, sometimes called an appulse, occurs when the Moon misses the Earth's umbra but passes through its penumbra or secondary shadow.
Theorists suspect that the penumbra is key to keeping a sunspot intact.
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They are generally surrounded by an aureola known as the penumbra, and sensibly less luminous than the other portions of the orb.
Outside the umbral cone is that of the penumbra, within which the sun is partially hidden by the moon.
Two tears, phosphorescent in the penumbra, rolled from the eyes of the painter.
The penumbra will last quite a long time yet, but it will gradually get fainter and fainter.
The idea of change is there, I am willing to grant, but it is hidden in the penumbra.
Now I will try and explain to you what the penumbra is and how it is produced.
The answer is not yet made, the oracle has not spoken, and we must not invade the penumbra of genius.
And Porter was still working away, looking ghostly in the penumbra.
Thus they were in a little island of pink light surrounded by penumbra.
Each spot is quite sharply divided into an umbra and a penumbra.
Slowly the penumbra, the shadow of a shadow, crept on over the bright surface, and as it crept I heard deep gasps of fear rising from the multitude around.
Julie, from Stonehaven in Kincardineshire, was a support manager with charity Penumbra at their Aberdeen branch.
The Apollo system is the result of decades of research and development work in the field of advanced aspiration and vibrational energy technology by researchers at Penumbra.
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