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To serve, spoon some salad into a salad plate and arrange some ox tongue and ciabatta on top.
When a Swazi princess weds a Zulu king, she wears red touraco wing feathers around her forehead and a cape of windowbird feathers and ox tails.
They laid about him with the back of their axes and overwhelmed him with stones and bones and ox heads.
There are five or six explanations for our data, but the explanation that fits the data best is that the kouprey is a domestic ox that went wild.
Simpler ox bow keys were made either like rather crude keys with a flat bit or somewhat like oversized cotter pins.
However, the eldest son decides the family ought to stay put, cooking up a plan to turn the ox and cart back homeward.
The report says the amount of contaminants in land mammals such as musk ox and reindeer is still low.
Men don't put the oxen to the yoke, because it is believed that even if girded with belts the ox ungirds itself.
One section of the river was named after the numerous musk ox grazing along its banks.
In North America, bison, pronghorn, and musk ox have increased this past century.
Finds of animal bones reveal that the ox and the cow were domesticated as were sheep and goats.
Ax and hammer handles, as well as wooden axles, whiffletrees, and ox yokes, are examples.
Her tree climbing was often described as how an ox would try to walk a tightrope.
Just below, a freshly skinned ox head, looking chillingly alive, stares reproachfully at the viewer.
It would include a carnival procession, medieval banquet, bands, an ox roasting and a traditional fair with crafts.
Gold awards went to the ox tongue, roast beef, dry cured back bacon, black pudding, beef and Guinness pie, and steak and kidney pie.
Even though most such oxen are used for plowing, which is forbidden in the Sabbatical year, it is not unusual for someone to buy an ox for its meat.
If overtaking the Joneses is on the agenda, nothing beats two slave boys turning an ox on a spit, but this can be impracticable for the average semi's garden.
During this time, he also oversaw his own farm, ox Hollow Farm in Roxbury, Connecticut.
That seems to suggest that NewsCorp's standards are different when its own ox is gored.
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Examples from Classical Literature
If a man levies a distraint upon an ox as security for debt, he shall pay of a mana of silver.
So our tins of camp pie and kippered herring and ox tongue remained unopened and we lived as we never had before.
Nothing less than an ox stuffed with pistachio nuts would have satisfied him.
This differs from all other tonics because it is composed of the nerve-giving principles of the ox brain and wheat germ.
Also they took the shield and helmet which were his reward, but the palm-branch and the ox they left to entellus.
In the ox and the horse we meet with no vestige of the muscles of the thenar or hypothenar eminences.
The earth-tillers and the Hyksos, I say, worthiness, are like an ox and a bull.
He lammed me with a horsewhip t'other day, 'cause I was ridin' behind his ox cart.
They were packing in, and we asked them to take our holdall as far as Rashka, for we were still distrustful of the ox carts.
In the ox and the sheep, the condyle is lower than the trochlea, but only very little lower.
In the ox and the horse the sartorius is still more definitely situated on the internal surface of the thigh.
In such cases an ox will use his tongue more in the prehension of food to make up for the incapacity of the lips.
If a sheep or ox get mired in a ditch, we leave our other business, and fly to the rescue.
A neighbor took my father with him and met us at McGregor Landing with an ox team hitched to a prairie schooner.
It's all very tempting, but it's like tolling an ox to get his neck under39 the yoke.
I did and in the parlor was the biggest kind of an ox standing there chewing his quid.
A man is knocked down by the unforeseen blow, like an ox by the poleaxe.
If a man hires an ox for threshing, 20 QA of grain is its hire.
I've had stuffed ox hearts, chitterlings, even pan-fried lamb's testicles in a beautiful place in Marrakech.
The oilman's ox stands as the accepted type of a weary toiler.
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