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How to use owning in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word owning? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
His versatility makes him an agreeable companion but owning one is not for the novice dog owner.
There is a lifetime of joy and companionship to be had from owning a dog but he needs to learn right from wrong at an early stage.
By marrying into a wealthy family, he now lives in a large house and has realized his dream of owning a restaurant.
Even then, he dreamed about working in the restaurant industry and owning his own eatery.
Economists say many Americans, especially teens and young adults, are finding that buying and owning a car stretches their financial resources.
For some, owning a car is difficult but reversing the vehicle is even tougher a task.
Wal-Mart insists its financial plans don't depend on owning a bank or a thrift.
One of the key things that has worked in the firm's favour over the years is owning the flagship store at 87 George Street.
Let the debate run, but as it does, let us have some truth and owning up to responsibility.
After owning and operating the business for more than 10 years, Richard and Susan both decided they wanted a change of pace.
Those were the years when rich Tongas boasted of owning hundreds of cattle.
He lived well and spent freely, renting flats in Chelsea and Brighton, employing servants, owning race horses and running a Rolls-Royce.
It could be that owning a whisky will be a prestige thing, like owning a football club.
He was an accomplished organist, owning two impressive electronic instruments.
He said things he knew perfectly well he did not mean, and he was not at all ashamed of owning this strange character trait.
My grandparents never minded the lookie-loos, it came with the territory of owning such an interesting old house.
He is charged with second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter and owning a mischievous dog that killed a person.
Any one owning a spitz could argue that they were only partially successful unless compared to the likes of the Beagle or Afghan breeds.
Even if the property market were to stand stock-still for years, you're better off owning your own home and paying off the mortgage.
He makes an outstanding catch a week ago and gets tagged with the label of perhaps owning the two most overrated defensive plays of all time.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Only the fact of the steamer starting next noon prevented me from staying at Moulmein forever and owning a pair of elephants.
The barges in which we now embarked were very small, owning to the shallowness of the river.
I bought these gasworks and I own them, and I am satisfied to go on owning them.
The political power of the men owning the corporation in monadnock County was supreme.
As we had nothing but a small-bore rifle and not owning a shotgun, we appealed to father as to what we should do for a gun.
Mr. speller, a rich planter, owning a place called speller's Landing, was arrested and sent to Plymouth.
Rights we had bargained for with men, which they, not owning them, had gravely given!
No other person, not owning or keeping a ferry, was to be permitted to set slaves over, or to loan them boats or watercraft.
If only a natural child of mine, I should have shrunk from owning to Janet a youthful error.
It was to be at his free disposal, and this was nearly the same thing as owning it.
The fact that he had left it did not restore to him his old feeling of owning the earth.
It has kep' me unprejudiced, what with owning orchards in both ends of the State.
Every person owning real estate on the Island shall contribute one ninety-ninth part of his income to the said grab-bag.
With the Doyen agency owning 75 per cent of Rojo, Sporting were keen for any potential buyer to meet a release clause of EeAu24 million.
Elizabeth II has shown there's more to being monarch than a having stiff upper lip and owning a massive gaff with a Royal Family-sized balcony.
Studies show a loved one can actually benefit health-wise, year-round from owning a pet.
If a gesithcund man owning land neglect the fyrd, let him pay cxx.
There were also leather shooting gloves and tooled bracers and quivers lined with sheep wool owning belt loops to hang at the hip.
What signifies owning a fault without mending it, you'll say?
Her succumbing had been as largely owning to agitation at the re-opening the subject of her separation from her husband as to the hard work.
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