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This impedes movement of oncoming traffic, which builds up along the main ramp of the flyover.
But see, when the oncoming car approached, I had to make a decision over the alternatives available to me.
Now reaching the bottom of the steps Henry vaults across the street in front of an oncoming car and forces it to jam the brakes.
He somehow got around me and the truck and missed an oncoming car by a whisker.
Two cars collided and another careened across in front of oncoming traffic and it was really a bad scene.
Police are unsure why Collins apparently ignored properly functioning warning signals and drove his car in front of the oncoming train.
I can't even imagine why he would actually, purposely, try to jump in front of an oncoming car.
Opal ran after them, shooting the front tire of an oncoming police car sending it spinning out of control.
The suicidal Beatrice who is now ready to step intentionally in front of an oncoming car picks out a man across the street to focus her resolve.
I slammed on my brakes and the back of the oncoming car came to a halt inches from the front of my scooter.
We installed a kangaroo bar to prevent damage when kangaroos jumped into the oncoming car lights.
His 22-year-old brother was thrown in front of an oncoming car, which narrowly missed him after the driver swerved.
Later on as the willy-willy gallops across the country, whirling a column of dust, trees lash their branches to warn man of the oncoming storm.
Thus, breeding males commonly face the rigors of the oncoming winter in poor physical condition.
In most cases, birds will tuck their wings and dive if they perceive an oncoming aircraft as a threat.
She smiled wryly to herself, thinking that perhaps he, like the local songbirds and crows, had flown south to avoid the oncoming winter.
The air outside was chill, sign of the oncoming winter, though there was still no snow.
For a moment, I thought that Mom had decided to bring in a hot pad because of oncoming winter.
It spun across the road into the path of oncoming vehicles and disintegrated on impact.
Yital wanted to know, ignoring her comment about the chill of the oncoming winter.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The snow-white spires of the oncoming ship swayed with solemn and stately motions to the underrun of the quartering sea.
It coincides with the oncoming of the cold, either in the Mousterian or the Magdalenian.
The oncoming of bad weather, beheld from below, is a grievance to the holiday-maker.
He knew not how nor why, yet he got his feel of the oncoming event from the gods themselves.
And then he and Fred, as well as the twins, settled down to the task of trying to outrace the oncoming squall.
They laid her on the ground beside the door and watched the oncoming lights.
With the oncoming of the parks and play-grounds, all of this, we may hope, will change.
The big, grey, timber wolf still roamed the woods, although it soon disappeared before the oncoming wave of invading settlers.
Another woman sprang forward and picked it up, with a chivalrous air, as if rescuing a human being from an oncoming express train.
Bwana shaded his eyes with his hand and gazed out toward the oncoming rider.
As I watched the oncoming ten I saw their pursuers race swiftly into sight.
Yet what of that great oncoming horde of which we were but the vanguard?
Calots were growling out their savage gutturals, whining to be at the throats of the oncoming foemen.
Already she could see dimly through the fog of smoke the murky headlight of the oncoming engine.
Spiny-tailed lizards scamper over the bulbous roots of 1,000-year-old elephant's foot plants, seeking shelter from an oncoming storm.
He dared not risk a fight with this young lightning-flash, and again he knew, and more bitterly, the enfeeblement of oncoming age.
He might as well have tried to stop an oncoming rocket ship.
She seemed to tower over Caswall, and he to give back before her oncoming.
Adam shuddered at the thought of his own strength, as with the oncoming of this dread he knelt down by Arthur's side and lifted his head from among the fern.
There was a dryness about them, a brownness, a sense of oncoming decay.
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