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The solo Canvey fire crew on duty yesterday first sprang into action at 4pm, dousing a rubbish fire at the side of the road in Fifth Avenue.
Always on duty when crews returned from missions, he would offer solace and a welcome tot of rum.
Each first responder group has to help raise money towards the cost of the team's first aid kit that is held by whichever member is on duty.
As Guzman now says, a military crime is when a soldier deserts, or falls asleep on duty.
And not many realise the kind of sacrifices they make, while on duty, for the betterment of society.
The crew is on duty for three 24-hour shifts with a day off in between each and then four days off.
The moment the ever-ready police personnel on duty got the order, they were on the door of my quarter in a trice.
Lollipop ladies were warned yesterday that they must not wear short skirts and high heels while on duty.
The wartime tricorn hat and WRNS badge on display are those she wore on D-Day itself as she went on duty at Eisenhower's HQ at Southwick House.
It is a modestly decorated apartment of irregular shape, with a mezzanine designed for the use of service personnel on duty.
We will have extra Guards on duty that night and young people who are misbehaving can be charged with public order offences.
There was not one person on duty who spoke any language other than Turkish.
The service never shuts down, and even on Christmas Day a skeleton staff is on duty.
The perfectly coifed doc on duty mugged coyly for the cameras as he explained the medical emergency.
The other motorists were most cooperative, and the policemen on duty were deep in conversation.
He is thought to be the only police officer who wears a dog collar on duty and has a specially-designed uniform shirt to prove the point.
He also wanted to wear his clerical collar on duty so had to have a specially-designed uniform shirt to accommodate it.
A security firm owner who provides bouncers to a nightclub claims no underage drinkers get in when his staff are on duty.
The unit, which arrived home on Saturday, will unwind this weekend before facing a fortnight on duty.
Two feller buncher teams remain on duty, but these chiefly harvest hardwoods as well as very small diameter softwoods.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The assistants of the commissar were at the time away on duty, and Iordansky himself in Zhitomir.
When they reached the palace of holyrood, they were challenged by the sentinel on duty there.
We found that Mrs. spiker had secured her rights, and was on duty that day as nurse.
Then, at the exact second that the ambulance is due, along comes their 'cosher,' knocks down the policeman on duty.
The second in command of the submarine chaser, Ensign Filson, and two seamen on lookout were on duty aft.
The detachment on duty there accompanied the prefect and the colonel as a guard of honour.
He is on duty but three days of every week, save at the lever and coucher, and may go whither he list on the other four.
It was agreed, and in the meantime the three on duty went down to the lab to work.
With the detectives on duty at the London termini reinforced and on strict watch, her chances of doing so were very slim.
Each of these men who have gone the rounds at daybreak conveys the tesserae to the Tribune on duty.
You know, the house is cram-full of men-servants and there are to be a dozen of them on duty in the grounds.
In addition, the captain on duty and two armed guards suddenly appeared and closed in on the car in nothing flat.
I wore my badge and my armlet when I was on duty and sometimes when I was not.
Tom felt a pang of worry as he dressed the next morning, and then relieved the man on duty at the decoder.
The warder, and every soldier who had been on duty that night, were arrested and questioned.
Constable Clisby, who was on duty at saskatoon, was notified by wire from Dundurn station, and at once took up the recapture.
It was much too convenient, especially with poisson on duty every other night.
Raymonde had just escaped for a few minutes from the refectory, where she was on duty.
As his home is cold and cheerless, when he is not on duty he lives at a pothouse.
A fenland man who was on duty there doing nothing said, I could pass when the bridge was shut again.
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