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Photosynthesis does not occur in a vacuum. In fact, it is inevitably paired with cellular respiration in most producers.
However, there may be no symptoms, and if poisoning remains undetected death may occur within hours.
Elms occur often in Pastoral Poetry, where they symbolise the idyllic life, their shade being mentioned as a place of special coolness and peace.
The first written references to elm occur in the Linear B lists of military equipment at Knossos in the Mycenaean Period.
The perigean tides are the spring tides that occur soon after the Moon passes its perigee.
Baptism may occur in any body of water that will allow full immersion, though many Brethren assembly halls will have a baptistry.
Only at some distance does convection occur to carry heat to the bulb envelope.
Selective sweeps occur when an allele becomes more common in a population as a result of positive selection.
In Newtonian physics, however, no such acceleration can occur unless at least one of the objects is being operated on by a force.
If economic growth matches the growth of the money supply, inflation should not occur when all else is equal.
This redistribution of purchasing power will also occur between international trading partners.
Adjustments can occur in suspensions, brakes, transmissions, engines, tires, and many others.
The Joints occur in sets either as single mono-fractures or as groups of fractures located within zones of high and low intensity.
The island is subject to both sudden tropical storms and hurricanes, which occur in the period from July to November.
Moa-nalos did not occur on Hawaii, which was occupied by another herbivore, the Giant Hawaiian Goose.
Manganese, titanium and numerous other minerals occur in various parts of Wales.
Ring faults are faults that occur within collapsed volcanic calderas and the sites of bolide strikes, such as the Chesapeake Bay impact crater.
Snowfall can occur in winter and early spring, although it is not very common away from high ground.
Article 3 provides for the right to elections performed by secret ballot, that are also free and that occur at regular intervals.
Churchill, now again prime minister, announced on 17 February 1952 that the first British weapon test would occur before the end of the year.
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