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Agility courses and obedience trials are a snap for the cattle dog, so are intense sessions with Frisbee or flyball.
This noble ideal, with its emphasis on unquestioning acceptance of and obedience to authority, is what we should teach our children.
The Church continues to insist that explicit faith, reception of the sacraments, and obedience to the Church are the ordinary means to salvation.
Ordinary laws and policies ordinarily deserve civil obedience, not disobedience.
We are told that this lends a different perspective to the themes of obedience and disobedience.
In obedience to by-laws and shareholders, a corporation is a serenely calculating, bloodless, bodiless profit-machine.
We are faced with fideism or with uncritical obedience to tradition, and the distinction between the two may be no more than academic.
Traditionally the Tudors demand absolute obedience from their subjects, and rebellion is presented as the ultimate crime.
It is an all-embracing obedience which requires total submission from the believers, having no exception whatsoever.
For obedience training to proceed smoothly, your dog must consider you its alpha leader.
But he was moved by his own amour propre and his monetary obligations to his men, not by any duty of obedience to the French king.
Thus, if we are not willing to give total obedience to his leading, we should not pray for blessing from above.
Even a technically legitimate ruler forfeits his right to obedience if his mandates do not correspond to moral norms.
Obedience to a hypothetical imperative is always obedience to the condition expressed in its antecedent.
Train your dog to basic obedience which makes it easy to live with and may one day save its life.
He did not state that obedience to the law makes one fully righteous before God in an eschatological sense.
Ever since his death in 1963, progressive lionisers of John have remembered the peace but ignored the obedience.
It was easy for Gabrielle to wish for a Cinderella life, for she was a lowly servant living a life of labor, obedience, and pain.
But their obedience was born out of necessity not out of blind loyalty to the crown.
This has been accomplished in the faithful obedience of the Lord Christ Jesus and His propitiatory sacrifice.
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Examples from Classical Literature
So in Bohol the chiefs gave their obedience, and came to the ships of their own will.
He had confidence in the obedience of the sea, this sea that roared around them like a tyrant.
Dr. Crolly had previously explained what he considered true obedience to the rescript.
He is willing to hope you to be all obedience, and would prevent all incitements to refractoriness.
While his state of pupilage lasted he lived on alms and was bound by the severest vows of obedience and chastity.
These Dialogues were posthumously published in obedience to their author's will.
I haven't a single child that has not won the porcelain cross for obedience.
It makes no compromise, combats a outrance and exacts blind and absolute obedience.
In obedience to his gesture, they carried the one-time steward from the room.
She had wept only in the struggle of obedience and the renunciation of passion.
The Gaelic population was far indeed from holding the doctrines of passive obedience and nonresistance.
Emily, on her part, was disposed to yield an unreluctant obedience, and therefore it was not difficult to restrain her.
But in those days a father who demanded obedience wasn't considered a monster.
Do you object to atheism, and yet regard obedience to God as an invention of the priests?
In a republic the first rule for the guidance of the citizen is obedience to law.
Their highest quality is obedience, which is the result of their Confucian culture.
Stella laid down her pen with the ready obedience which can be made so baffling when it proceeds from an unconsenting will.
I learned that obedience and trueness to God will bring us into a wealthy place.
But now obedience was forgotten because there was this young praying mantis.
Aught else than servile obedience in accomplishing the mandates of those in power?
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