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He took an oath to absolutely entirely renounce all allegiance to a foreign power.
As all of us know, each of these leaders takes the oath to SERVE the nation accountably.
Once upon a time making an oath meant that we acknowledged a higher power was witnessing our statement, and stood ready to call us to account.
And yet these medical fraudsters have deep pockets, and so he is lawyering against a government that he belongs to, and took an oath to uphold.
They benefited from the Toleration Act of 1689 and in 1696 were allowed to affirm rather than take an oath.
Shouts came as a Kurd legislator demanded the oath be read not only in Arabic but in Kurdish, as well.
Within a few months of his swearing the oath that he was to break in so many ways, the President receded from both these pledges.
I would have no qualms about people having to take an oath of allegiance on entering the country.
Putting witnesses under oath induces them to weigh every word with lawyerly care rather than freely volunteer information.
But such official positions would require taking an oath on the republican constitution.
The fact that he recanted in time to not lie under oath should, in fact, have reflected well on him.
She said it was regrettable that a policeman, who had taken an oath, had come before the court and deliberately misled the court.
You took an oath to defend the nation, and you kept that oath overseas and under fire.
As a retired military officer, Don was able to actually administer the oath of enlistment to his son, which must have been a proud moment.
Even as she said it, she knew that she could not guarantee herself that she would keep that oath.
The gods of Olympus know this sort of binding oath between them, which calls the infernal rivers to witness.
Before administering the oath of an attorney, Judge Hilberman reminded me of four important values we should strive to uphold as attorneys.
He has said on oath in front of me that his present activities are devoted to restoring this land to agricultural use.
Are you prepared to take the oath, or will you make an affirmation?
Public service employees are also gagged by Oath from public comment on any government matter to which they have knowledge.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The young preacher was summoned to take the oath of allegiance and abjuration.
The challenger used a fierce Italian oath, and by it he knew that it was Pietro.
He's sworn on his oath that chuff spends half his time along with you and the banns be called.
And thereupon he registered a solemn oath never again to leave her, it mattered not how fared his clientage.
He clipt my arm suddenly, putting the value of an oath into his gripping of it.
Never comes the trader thither, never o'er the purple main Sounds the oath of British commerce, or the accents of Cockaigne.
The form of the oath which she was to swear was then communicated to her and the day for the compurgation fixed.
Trial was basically by compurgation, with oath-helpers swearing to or against the veracity of the alleged offender's oath.
Giovanni averred himself ready to affirm on oath that no copula had ever followed, and he adhibited his consent to the divorce.
No love can be bound by oath or covenant to secure it against a higher love.
In every instance some member of the crunk gang would claim the property under oath and take it away.
Stiff and saddle-sore as he was, Eckstein leaped out of his chair with an oath.
After dinner the Duke of Sussex discoursed to me about the oath and other matters.
Footsteps, a rush of wind, a scuffling, and an oath brought her head about.
Within the dolmen, which was so revered that the neighbours swore their chief oath by it, were kept certain sacred scriptures.
But I, donzel, wear the spurs of knighthood, and to succour the distressed is a duty my oath will not let me swerve from.
He was ill at ease and full of self-reproach, for it seemed to him he had neglected his oath.
Congressional timber was scarce on account of the test oath and the Fourteenth Amendment, so dox secured a nomination.
If in a dwelling house, an oath must first be made before a magistrate, that is was suspected the goods were lodged there.
All the princes of Achaea competed for her hand, having first taken an oath to avenge whomsoever she might choose for her husband.
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