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If the matter is not resolved locally, the associations could take it up with Garda Headquarters.
Harsh words followed, and the resultant disagreement is still not resolved.
Police discussions have still not resolved the matter of who will pay the massive costs.
Since I was not naming one person, it was clear I had not resolved the matter.
The Convention has thus not resolved some of the contentious extraterritorial claims by some states.
If the matter is not resolved, the ports stand to lose out on millions in harbour dues.
The spatial disposition of the pores relative to the electroporating pulse was, however, not resolved.
The teachers threatened to stage a sit-in outside the provincial governor's house if the problem was not resolved.
It is a scandal that the industry has not resolved the problems of greyhound suffering.
This was not resolved until 1984 when it was agreed to modify the budget design mechanisms so as to ensure greater equitability in the distribution of financial burdens.
If the matter is not resolved at that stage, a statement of charges is given and a hearing held before a hearing officer designated by the chancellor.
Fortunately, scientific questions are not resolved with rhetoric and powerpoint.
Senior church figures are still concerned that the conference in Britain may degenerate into a public slanging match if the row over gay bishops is not resolved.
With the textual issues largely addressed, if not resolved, attention turned to the questions of Chaucer's themes, structure, and audience.
Members of the National Union of Teachers could stage walkouts at the end of June if their dispute is not resolved, it has been announced.
Members of the NUT could stage walkouts at the end of June if their dispute is not resolved.
However, if the conflict is not resolved at the early stage, the bucks will fight.
Since the issue of approvement of the budget is not resolved, the financing of budget institutions is delayed.
And if ambiguities are not resolved under the first two rules of interpretation, the ambiguities are construed against the insurer in favor of coverage.
The relationships of the merlin are not resolved to satisfaction.
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