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A small vertical midline plate, termed the nasal spine of the frontal bone, contributes to the nasal septum.
The surgical specimen consisted of the nasal septum and irregular, mucosal, polypoid tissues.
From the roof, the olfactory epithelium extends down both sides of the nasal cavity to cover most of the superior concha laterally and 1 cm of nasal septum medially.
An ear, nose and throat specialist said I have a deviated nasal septum and the best treatment is surgery.
The actress said a nasal septum deviation is to blame for Burton's snores, but he won't undergo operation to fix the problem.
To grow cartilage, small biopsies of the tissue are taken from the nasal septum and the cartilage cells are isolated.
Superinfected mucocutaneous leishmaniasis with destruction of the nasal septum and disfigurement of the face.
When the nasal septum deviation is severe, septoplasty is performed without external incisions.
How would that yellow number 2 pencil look as an ornament, inserted through a pierced ear-lobe or nasal septum?
Cartilage cells were extracted from the patient's nasal septum, multiplied and expanded onto a collagen membrane.
The site of bleeding was localised to the nasal septum in 10 patients and to the lateral nasal wall in 3, while 1 patient had a combination of bleeding sites.
In the second phase at week 17, the ossified vomeral bones are regrouped in the nasal septum caudally in the midline, and they take a U shape as seen in the coronal plane.
Sometimes other problems within the nose cause obstruction such as a deviated nasal septum or nasal polyps and these conditions may need surgical treatment.
Deviated septum on the other hand, is a common physical disorder involving the displacement of the nasal septum often leading to difficulties breathing through the nose.
Examples from Classical Literature
When a perforation of the nasal septum is situated at some distance within the nasal orifice it seldom gives any trouble.
The only species so far described is R. kinealyi from the nasal septum of man, to which reference has above been made.
It is very rare to find a deviation of the nasal septum without some accompanying spur or ledge.
This is the most perfect operation we at present possess for the cure of deformities of the nasal septum.
The nasal chambers are completely separated, the right from the left, by a cartilaginous partition, the nasal septum.
Certain germs may produce ulcers, as the glanders bacilli, which cause the ulcerations on the nasal septum in glanders.
Those engaged in their manufacture suffer from unhealthy ulcers on the nasal septum and hands.
Not only is the nasal septum involved, but also the bones of the face as well, producing a fulness on the long side of the face.
Occasionally I have observed clay pipes carried in this perforation in the nasal septum.
Stammberger mentioned that only three patients had polyps originating in the posterior nasal septum.
These sheets maintain their shape and can be secured in position by suturing them to the nasal septum.
We describe the case of a patient with a chondrosarcoma of the posterior nasal septum that was resected endoscopically.
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