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That is why when Delhi Police nabbed him on June 9 on charges of violating the Official Secrets Act, fellow journalists were amazed.
Lovesick Goodman was nabbed while skippering his seven-metre yacht RoyAnna.
The CIA and Peruvian officials figured out where he shopped, combed through trash bins to find the wrappers and his location, and nabbed him.
But it was the Iraqis who nabbed him and turned him over to coalition authorities.
He's been detained in Japan since mid-July, when he was nabbed for traveling with an invalid passport.
He has short hair, and when the police nabbed him, he was dressed in blue track pants and a greyish jersey.
Hume finally nabbed him living a genteel life in San Francisco, and sent him to prison.
Yes, I hand out parking tickets, but if I've nabbed you, you can bet it was fair and square.
They chased a now fully-clothed offender, nabbed him and marched him back over the fence and paraded him past the crowd in the Merv Cowan stand.
This sense of statelessness terrified him and he dreaded what might happen if the Indonesian or Malaysian police nabbed him.
He was nabbed by members of the Garda National Drugs Unit in December 1998 when he was caught sneaking into the country and jailed for a year.
He jumped bail on the eve of his 1981 trial and spent two decades on the run before he was nabbed.
A raft of top bosses and small-fry lieutenants have been nabbed since then.
What if the man, who had liquidated her and been subsequently nabbed, were to be hanged for the justice he had meted out?
One sister has already nabbed the food and cards, and is sitting playing patience.
In these courts, the mayor acts as judge and decides the appeals of motorists nabbed by cops who are dispatched by the mayor.
Police have nabbed a would-be bag snatcher but the identity of his intended victim remains a mystery.
Some high-up members of the feis ring were also nabbed, according to Mitchell.
Police nabbed the stabber while he was trying to escape from the apartment where they both lived.
They had not only defeated the evil Mayor but had taken out his guards and nabbed several choice pieces of loot from the mansion.
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It is quite on the cards that we should find that the police have nabbed him.
The fugitive crook, Hammer, had finally been nabbed, still with the formula for the bendable glass in his possession.
As soon as godet and Ruffard are nabbed, they will be supposed to have got rid of what is missing from their shares.
In New York as soon as one did that she'd be nabbed on the way out for a shoplifter.
He's nabbed three of the Birdsall gang and is away now after Burleigh.
He nabbed the first passer-by and asked him to point out Dr. Fitzhugh.
Good Lord, man, you'll get nabbed if you speed up like this within limits.
The long arm of the Heinz ketchup law has already nabbed the first caterer filling its famous bottles with cheaper sauce.
Then the sheriff he nabbed Brace Dunlap and his crowd, and by and by next month the judge had them up for trial and jailed the whole lot.
Nab would have pounced on the point, and by this time we might have been nabbed ourselves.
Nero must have slipped in, nabbed the fish, and brought it to our house.
In October, 26 female pickpockets were nabbed, while no male sneak thief was caught.
Cantonment police nabbed Nasir and recovered 1382 gram chars.
The police, on a tipoff, raided commercial area of Rawalpindi and nabbed a fivemember gang involved in inveigling young girls and boys into affection through Facebook.
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