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The colours are deep and rich and help set an operatic mood and tone for almost every scene.
He picked up and his relaxed mood soon tensed, urgency in his voice as he nodded.
He was in a particularly bad mood one day after his father had called him to come help him promote a political ally.
The drug is known to affect the thought process and mood regulation, and recent evidence suggested it could destroy nerve cells at certain doses.
If a regular pronoun and indicative mood are used, it shows that the speaker asserts that the report is true.
Increasing problems with mood lability are noticeable as girls move into puberty.
When the mood stone registers blue-green, for instance, your dog is relaxed and cuddly, but black means he's cranky.
Her mood lifted momentarily at the thought of the couple, but it didn't last.
But beyond the city limits, where the kudzu creeps over buildings and trees, the mood can turn darker.
Though at times they don't seem to be the most aware of animals, sheep are very alert to mood swings, and this time was no exception.
Paul Handley is in a reflective mood as he lights another cigarette in a quaint London hotel.
Feeling more subdued than usual, I wandered the streets in a deep, reflective mood and thought about my mother.
The villages slowly slip into a mood that reflects a superb blend of spirituality and worldliness.
My mood favorably changed, I vowed to hang up my career as a mad ballooner once and for all.
There is no more distinctive marker of the conservative sensibility than accurate use of the subjunctive mood in speech.
That will give him enormous confidence and you can tell his mood is lifting.
The lighting in red, blue and warm yellow set the mood according to the emotion depicted.
But when the pair finally met up with their enamored young kinsman, he was in no mood for fighting.
An irresistible force when the mood takes him, he was irrepressible in the two Tests he played.
Adam's face darkened, and his teasing, light-hearted mood was gone beyond recall.
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