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She was not amused but I guess she totally misunderstood the concept of hand luggage.
The lady herself refers to herself a misunderstood person in a complex world.
We see a renewed effort to commemorate the fallen on Remembrance Day and the laying of that misunderstood poppy wreath.
But Romantics, and modernists after them, needed to believe that genius in its own time is always neglected, misunderstood, etc.
As Schoenberg said, atonality is rejected not because it is ugly, but because it is misunderstood.
The majority of us can be misunderstood if we are not conscious of the divisions in our society.
This is a marvelous opportunity to save this majestic yet misunderstood bird from extinction in Namibia.
Hand gestures to indicate the sighting of a hammerhead or a basking shark can easily be misunderstood if they are improvised at the last moment!
Despite their often misunderstood appearance, these were teens to be immensely proud of, not menaced by or feared.
Depression and other mental illnesses are terribly misunderstood, Beardslee explained.
Most people were befuddled by or misunderstood Full Metal Jacket and had misapprehended The Shining.
Anti-censorship feminism is often very misunderstood and mislabelled and I would recommend this book to anyone, whatever their stance.
The fact that in these two thousand years it was distorted in many points, misprized and misunderstood is a topic of a different chapter.
In effect it is said that she misunderstood his evidence and hence failed to take into account a material consideration.
The point is that in this case the Inspector misunderstood it and misapplied it considering its role in his decision letter.
We didn't lose sleep over whether we'd missed a fact or misunderstood a piece of the evidence.
I have apparently misunderstood some instructions from our wine club secretary and failed to pass a menu around.
That is what prompted my original question to you and I must have misunderstood your answer.
These provisions are regularly misunderstood or deliberately misapplied by the police.
I want this opportunity to explain my actions so that they are not misunderstood or misinterpreted.
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Examples from Classical Literature
You might so easily have misunderstood, and you are so blessedly understanding.
They are misunderstood because they are variously and confusingly presented.
Of the greatest gift of Dionysus I hardly like to speak, lest I should be misunderstood.
Hester did not like the remark, and he fancied from her look she had misunderstood him.
Browne's contemporary, Dean Wren, seems sadly to have misunderstood the fructification of the Oak.
I have evidently misunderstood the author's thought and I could not fruitfully discuss it.
While the others assured Babbitt that they must have misunderstood him, gunch looked as though he had understood only too well.
Hazy in the minds of its projectors, it was almost universally misunderstood by the multitude which it illuded.
I make this statement now in order not to be misunderstood when later I may say that God must be this or that.
But it is the fate of these indecisively descriptive phrases to be misunderstood.
Instantly Lounsbury was all regret, for he saw that she had misunderstood him.
Orazio had misunderstood her because her manners were not the manners of Lucca, and he knew no others.
It is only mediocrities and old maids who consider it a grievance to be misunderstood.
Again, it may be that Sir Everard misheard or misunderstood Garnet, that his memory failed him, or even that he lied.
These ideas are misunderstood and misstated, so that they become in large part forms of error.
But in the hands of the laity much that Weismann did say is misunderstood and misstated and much that he never said is inferred.
We order her to 'heave to,' which order is wilfully or unwittingly misunderstood.
His style is always forcible, and so perspicuous that he cannot be misunderstood.
But in that case he runs the risk of being misunderstood from people being too impatient to master his redefinition.
I answer that I write of what I saw, and that is not altered by a miscalled spar or a misunderstood manouvre.
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