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The steady dip and sweep of canoe paddles in the calm water is mesmerizing.
I was religious-channel surfing a couple of weeks ago and stopped at a televangelist whose hair and make-up were mesmerizing.
Also on view were 24 mesmerizing small-format works on handmade marbleized paper, each work consisting of a pair of loosely related drawings.
The mesmerizing power of motherhood is weirdly captured in that pulsing light.
Commercially printed ready-mades are also the basis for a mesmerizing video.
It also has some of the most tender passages Brahms ever wrote and a concluding series of halting triplets that is mesmerizing.
He repeatedly aims for a mesmerizing mood, which can sometimes relax into blandness.
Adding to the mesmerizing murmur of the flowing water, the sounds of birds singing and cows mooing left one feeling totally at peace.
To tell the truth, I couldn't glimpse a trace of any such crisis in the mesmerizing flow of this work.
A king-sized bed dominates the Tower Suite's top floor, which provides mesmerizing views from bay windows facing three directions.
He has a nervous energy that makes his onstage presence intense and mesmerizing.
I mean this girl had no makeup on except some lovely kohl around her eyes, and she was just so mesmerizing.
Tiny beads were colored in the most vibrant hues of violet and the entire light show was mesmerizing.
The topic alone is uncommonly refreshing and the photo inserts are mesmerizing.
Blood spilled from out of their wounds and the mesmerizing water regained its former position and flooded the area where Lilac and Daikon rested.
All that anyone could do at that point was stay back and watch the mesmerizing scene.
It has a contrasting landscape ranging from beautiful and mesmerizing beaches to sprawling and craggy mountain ranges.
The upward pull of a starry cupola or the mesmerizing allure of a sun-drenched atrium are some obvious examples.
His mysterious, mesmerizing aloofness suggests that all we yearn for, all that really counts for us in the end, is hopelessly out of reach.
To play it was mesmerizing in what I felt to be a gnawingly unpleasant way, like taking time and just flushing it down the toilet.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Book agents seemed to have a mesmerizing effect on Miss Sally, as serpents daze birds before they devour them.
He seeks his own room, falls asleep and dreams that he is before the court and that Dr. Frantz is mesmerizing him.
Peculiar sensations of various kinds may make patients think some one is affecting them by electricity or mesmerizing them.
It was superb, this method of mesmerizing all the simple-minded skippers and chiefs who came in the iron-ore ships to Ipsilon.
Many of Homes admirers have declared that he possessed the power of mesmerizing certain of his friends.
As for fabrics, a mesmerizing combination of tulle and organza, pleated fluttering gazar and organdy were used.
Lane has a remarkably deep voice that is almost mesmerizing in the way it takes hold and pulls the listener deep into this thriller.
Gustowska tinted these projections a moist green hue that enhanced their mesmerizing, visionary qualities.
Cambodian dance was nearly lost under the regime of the Khmer Rouge, but in the past 20 years this mesmerizing form has reemerged.
Compelled to plunge headlong into his darkest fears, Lynch has conjured up some of the most mesmerizing passages in American cinema.
It was the effect, unquestionably, of the mystic gesticulations by which he had sought to bring bodily before Phoebe's perception the figure of the mesmerizing carpenter.
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