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How to use levity in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word levity? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
Chris' eyes faltered for a moment, but continued to playfully twinkle during his levity.
He laughed, knowing her admission was an effort to inject some levity back into a situation that had grown uncomfortably serious.
We tried to offer readers lively coverage and bring some levity to some of the serious issues.
She may not even want levity or jokes or funny movies or perhaps even interaction with former friends.
The game's biggest weakness is its lack of any levity or humor to counterpoint the story's overwhelmingly serious tone.
Granted, the novel isn't gleeful, but there's enough levity to entertain the idea of lasting love.
That said, it was well researched and balanced with just enough savage irony to break the gravity with levity.
That's why excessive laughter and misplaced levity can lead to immoral behavior.
One difference, however, is the note of realism and levity that tempers every show.
Despite the undercurrent of levity, the activists were quite serious in their intent.
There was levity, including lots of cheers and high spirits, a conga line and even three cheers for the Queen's 50th jubilee.
Occasional moments of levity can go a long way in a motion picture like this.
As bad and as damaging as this in-house report is, we are told that it was all a matter of levity and humour.
The graceful levity of the nation could not easily err in this direction, nor tolerate such deliration in the greatest of men.
By resisting the temptation to be weightily profound, the story succeeds in telling useful truths with a touch of levity.
Each of those movies was scary, but with the right note of levity to keep them out of straight horror territory.
The company encourages a little levity to make crammed flights slightly more tolerable.
Our levity turned to fear a few minutes later on Interstate 20 as a car raced up from behind us and began to tailgate us.
After sleeping on it, I decided I probably could have waited longer for the levity.
Although everyone seems to think yoga is serious business, there is room for levity.
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Examples from Classical Literature
For the Assistant Commissioner was not constitutionally inclined to levity.
He upbraids his levity for contemning a country life, which had been his choice, and being eager to return to Rome.
To my mind this was something more than the post-prandial levity it was meant to be.
The levity he satirized in a series of burlesque entertainments with Mr. Whalley as call-boy and Dr. Kenealy as gasman.
But an apology is due the staider reader for the seeming levity of this narrative adventure.
All which I mention purely to salve that inconsistence, 45 of the levity of dancing with the gravity of divine worship.
It is not enough to select his Epistle to Rankine, and speak of its unbecoming levity.
I'll not have this levity and slackness, and talk about pictures and churches.
I am apprehensive that some will accuse me of levity in my manner of alluding to Puseyism.
True Camphor hath the levity, the volatility, and the inflammability of ther.
Entering upon the time when practically he becomes sui juris, he has far too much power and influence to be treated with levity.
Here her unrestrainable high spirits and levity gave great offence to the citizens.
And I must strongly object to the spirit of levity which I find in your paper.
Speak not with unseemly levity of the mysteries of the toilet,' he cried.
The frightful levity of these latter methods is shown by Soldan.
Christie's only reply to this levity was a look of superior resignation as she crossed the hall and entered the parlor.
Tom had always had a sort of instinct that East's levity was only skin-deep, and this instinct was a true one.
A small matter, I warrant you,' replied Strafford with forced levity.
The wrong was committed hastily, and with contumelious levity.
The dismay and the scorn of Mr Verloc found vent in an attempt at levity.
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