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While this trait is generally regarded as a weakness among us common folk, politicians can leverage it to their advantage.
The best candidates for Linux in the enterprise are organizations that can leverage their existing knowledge base.
Tuck your pelvis forward over your left skate to better leverage the right skate's pressure without stressing the knee.
He gets good leverage and usually blocks against a rushing linebacker or defensive back.
This step-by-step approach enables an organization to leverage specific third party expertise, minimising both cost and risk.
For instance, HP recently employed CMII as a company-wide best practice to leverage the benefits to process and efficiency.
He nearly squandered all that until, at midlife, he learned how to leverage his personality with his inheritance.
Operating leverage was measured as the ratio of fixed assets to total assets for each year.
Second, before engaging the enemy, rivers, mountains, and other topographical features must be used to gain added leverage.
Wand has long arms, but he doesn't use them to his advantage to gain leverage and maintain blocks.
Computer literates will also be helped to learn more in information technology, so as to leverage it more in their careers.
As a result, teams can fail to leverage the unique contributions each member may bring.
The United States has the needed leverage, including through the potential to lift sanctions and normalise diplomatic relations.
This ratio is a rough measure of the operating leverage a company can achieve in the conduct of the operational part of its business.
With a large thumbscrew, you can adjust the lever pivot in or out and hence vary the leverage ratio.
How much marketplace leverage is there in agencies, mortgage-backs and asset-backed securities?
In addition, for most charges, central billing gives the department more leverage to negotiate with vendors.
His auspicious debut might have given him the leverage to realize some of his grander plans.
It's a feather in his cap because when he goes in to negotiate funding again he can point to us and use that as leverage to get more money.
It was mainly leverage created by borrowing to finance securities purchases back then.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The machine consists of several pulleys, a length of wire cable, and a rachet mechanism to give leverage.
The chain is then placed over the sprockets and a leverage equal to any pipe wrench is secured.
I decided not to confront her illogic but rather to leverage it to expose the absurdity of her assertions.
Its leverage is felt within us as well as without, for expression and thought are integrally bound together.
Because of the leverage afforded by the extremity, immobilization of the radius is difficult.
With two of them straddling the I-beam, the leverage was great enough to pull the plate out.
By employing such a centralization strategy, new functions can be implemented that leverage the concentration of information.
Certainly, it will be more transparent when the CFO is trying to leverage the balance sheet through investing in risky assets.
Vertices is the first removable media management application to leverage Backup Exec's comprehensive file management.
The rating affirmations reflect Optimum Insurance's elevated underwriting leverage and historically adverse operating performance.
It allows us to leverage the breadth of Choice One's network to offer competitive plans and to expand our product offering.
All the power and leverage he could bring to bear was useless.
If it is too high, it gives the wind a very dangerous degree of leverage.
Between the massive blocks were strips of grass the leverage of whose roots had pushed them apart.
A great broken bough upon the grass showed whence he had gained his leverage to tilt over our bridge.
Thus the immense leverage of the ship's tall masts became a matter very near my own heart.
Customers leverage Alfresco technology to manage more than 3 billion files worldwide, on the go and in the office.
Cost of doing business specifically for textiles is subject to a very high operating and financial leverage.
The whole idea, as we bring up sites, is to leverage advertisers across multiple sites.
This gives it leverage, or focus for the outworking of its forces.
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