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So it's not so much snowblades I have a problem with, but a large proportion of snowbladers, as they pose a risk to other slope users.
The lounge has a marble fireplace with a fitted gas flame fire and a large five-frame bow window.
For large repairs, build a wooden form and hold it in place with wooden braces, bricks, concrete blocks, or similar heavy objects.
The following illustrates barlines, brackets, and braces with a large orchestra that includes a piano soloist.
Pyralid, snout or grass moths make up a very large family of more than 25,000 species.
The very large bear growled at this and Cole led the horse a bit away from the snouted animal with its short tail and round ears.
I couldn't believe that this large 15-inch or so long hawk was in our snowball bush twice in one day.
Growing around the corner were large lilac and snowball bushes that had long since lost their blossoms.
This room leads directly to the library, which has a large bow window facing south.
She was carrying a small black bag and wearing large silver hoop earrings and a rope bracelet.
In a large saucepan, bring 3 cups of broth and 2 tablespoons of butter to a boil.
For many years, throughout the short winter days, large flocks of snow buntings were a feature in the Yarmouth area.
Even the Nocardia abscesses, that are large and necrose, usually do it in a more uniform manner without multiple areas of destruction.
Place the untrussed chicken in large pot in water to cover with onion studded with clove and with cinnamon stick.
At higher concentrations a large increase in nectar concentration results in only a small increase in visitation.
Graham had a large mug of hot steaming coffee waiting for me as I bustled into the kitchen, bringing the bracing morning air with me.
The room is quite large, it happens to be fitted for at least two girls to spend the night in if need be.
A brack with large currants and raisins was a treat and roast apples with custard and sugar was eaten heartily.
Even after the Fund had distributed large amounts of equipment, much of it was going unused.
It was indeed a very unusual thing to see such a large assembly of people in Westhoughton at so early an hour.
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Examples from Classical Literature
In a peat bog, formerly the bed of the lake, were found a large number of flint and bone artifacts.
In complexity, our large civilized nations as much exceed primitive savage tribes, as a mammal does a zoophyte.
In complexity, our large civilized nations as much exceed primitive savage tribes, as a vertebrate animal does a zoophyte.
Obvious reasons for this failure lie in the scarcity of parkland and of perennial pasture for large cattle.
Its head was as large as that of an infant, and its beak four times the size of a paroquet.
Sometimes a few large doses will break up the paroxysmal pains as no other agent will.
The parroquet of Louisiana is not quite so large as those that are usually brought to France.
It was a principle of the Parthian governmental system to allow the subject peoples, to a large extent, to govern themselves.
To meet the costs of government and the army, Cyrus collected a large treasure, which he deposited in his palace at Pasargadae.
The paspalum orbiculare is the large swamp grass with which the natives covered their houses.
To prepare venison for pasty, take out all the bones, beat and season the meat, and lay it into a stone jar in large pieces.
It is doubtful whether mere clinical studies will contribute in a large measure to the solution of the pathogenesis of scurvy.
It is a large bifacial tool, battered on the slightly fashioned working edge, of basalt and patinated.
Each company has a large band of music, amounting to ten men, where there are six patis or squads.
We saw during our journey large numbers of kiri used for making geta and bride's chests.
The shield itself or pavise was large, made of wood covered with skin, and surrounded with a broad rim of iron.
The Indian peafowl usually lay their large white eggs on the ground in long grass or thick undergrowth.
The pcr has fostered the development of a large number of mass organizations that function as its auxiliaries.
Add at the last a very small tea-spoonful of pearlash, or of bi-carbonate of soda, dissolved in a large wine-glass of brandy.
The girl was dressed in a pearl grey and pink sports coat, with a large black hat, and carried a silver chain handbag.
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