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Just like bullying off in hockey this game should be fast and furious, but the puck and sticks stay low and fingers are best kept out of the way!
Babies should be kept out of the sun since at under 12 months their skin is too sensitive for the chemicals suncream contains.
The windows had been sprayed with a special substance that allowed vision through it but kept out the sunrays.
Parties that, however imperfectly, represent the younger generation are still kept out of the race.
Ditches, fences, and other enclosures kept out animal intruders, such as cattle, foxes, and small rodents.
He was hospitalised, endured numerous operations, was confined to a wheelchair for many months and kept out of school for a year.
Since they had been forcibly kept out, the people could not see what had been going on in the area.
We learn that it must be wrapped in linen and kept out of the wind, in a place neither too hot nor too cold, ne damnum inferatur Patienti.
These include fitting an alarm, making sure deadlocks are fitted to outside doors and making sure valuables are kept out of view.
I kept out of his way, because he looked quite mad, and was a bit smelly to boot.
The hints and whispers pointed ever more to Kelly, who friends say believed his name would be kept out of the row.
The team ensured that civilian airliners and local mustering aircraft were kept out of the way of the fast jets.
They were ultimately kept out by Federal Emergency Management Agency bureaucrats because, among other things, they didn't have life preservers.
The gaol was also used for a number of years to house the mentally insane, as lunatics had to be restrained and kept out of sight.
But, though some Lysenkoist ideas were absurd, that does not mean that philosophy as such should or can be kept out of science.
Charities are scrambling to ensure school sores, rheumatic fever, and respiratory illness are kept out of the classroom.
Off the kitchen is a utility room, so the washing machine and dryer are kept out of view and earshot.
There, the dress code was more sou'wester than morning suit and we kept out the cold with fiery local plum brandy and thick greasy sausages.
If succulent plants are kept out in the high summer months then they get affected.
He was also kept out of the sport for some of 2001 by viral gastro-enteritis.
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Examples from Classical Literature
For the first two years of war he kept out of the army by means of baksheesh.
He recollected that Ingram was implicated in the recital and could not be kept out.
I kept out one for the payment of my passage, and then replaced the rest, and carefully pinned them into the unstitched lining.
All mold and mustiness should be kept out by thorough ventilation and frequent coats of whitewash to the walls.
They will not wither in the least if kept out of direct sunshine for a few days.
He went about his work, and kept out of little pussycat's way, and then, phew!
You will be wishing that you had imitated my example and kept out of Piccadilly Circus.
This raises a lot of hackles among those who feel that were kept out of the pork barrel.
But, for fear of prejudicing the jury, the ghost was kept out of the trial, exactly as in the following case.
I demand to have the ruffian kept out of my way, and out of the way of all decent people.
The affair was kept out of the press, but the news of it spread to the limits of clubland.
They took it for granted that he wished to marry her, dowerless as she was, and they kept out of his way.
Bernard harks back to a line of moral crooks, kept out of jail by legal see-saw.
I suppose it is vexatious to him to be kept out of his money.
Huckleberry, Milkweed, and Dandelion were attacked with the whooping cough, but bore it bravely, and kept out of doors whenever the sun shone.
This comes from the sort of society you have kept out at Botany Bay!
Clear pictures of the little girl have been kept out of public view as the couple strained to keep their sweetie out of the spotlight.
And BEV could be kept out of it altogether, until it was over.
The Doctor desires that all means of self-harm may be kept out of her way.
We put an extra cover on our sleeping wagon, which kept out the rain.
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