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And though she was happy her friend was leading such a blissful marriage with Matthew, she couldn't help but be a little jealous.
Over three quarters reported that their dating partners did something to make them jealous.
We stopped sleeping together, but when Hanna got a new boyfriend I was jealous for the first time ever.
Also, she had been asked to join study groups, but the husband was jealous, and forbade her from meeting with other students.
It means that he cares enough about you and your relationship that he is getting jealous and protective of you.
Mr Dallas said Edmunds was possessive and jealous of Miss Lawrance and took the view that if he could not have her then no one else would.
In Hebrews we also meet the strong protests of the jealous God, who is intolerant of rivals with a holy intolerance.
The religious justification derives from the ban on graven images, common to the jealous God of the Old Testament and to Allah.
Milton had become too rational and believed in a fiery jealous God rather than the forgiving Holy Spirit.
Jealousy comes about because of the insecurity of the jealous person and the jealousy may or may not have foundation.
He remembered watching her passionate kiss with Nicholas and felt a jealous rage well up inside.
His adoration, like a jealous lover's, is only rhetorically distinguishable from contempt.
He's jealous and insecure, wants to hear from her everyday, whines and moans when she calls, pummelling her with classic passive aggression.
While I am glad these folk had something readably interesting to share, I'm not just a little jealous!
Seventy five percent of our time together she was hysterically jealous, the other twenty five percent she was whoring.
Not long ago so many plants sprouted from a single packet of seed that willowherb itself might have been jealous.
It is quite as rebarbative and as jealous of its prerogatives as Parliament and nothing like so easy to summon.
Early studies found male alcoholics to be overwhelmingly pathologically jealous.
You are a superstar DJ, thank you, and are still larging it so often your eyes fall out, you jealous little git.
But he had always been a sentimental kid at heart, and was probably just jealous because I wasn't lavishing him with attention for a change.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The Tejano, in this case, took the law into his own hands, and severely chastised the jealous pelado.
A man with ankylosis of the ego, who is jealous of the stenographer for sufficient reasons.
Duryodhana of the Kauravas was jealous of all the Pandavas, and especially of Arjuna.
She was also jealous because she didn't reek of musk like that boulevard work-horse.
If he asks, I shall contrive to find some colorable pretext, probably that you were jealous of me!
I am jealous of their honour and concerned for the dignity and comeliness of their service.
His condemners were English, and were jealous, of course, and wrong no doubt.
She was jealous of her reputation with the old and cool-headed lords about her.
It was determined to get possession of Salonika, and was madly jealous of Greece.
He is very jealous of divo Pan, and if he hears you praising him, will do something to you.
But jealous seekers after self-aggrandizement plotted against his rule and even attempted his life.
Brown was no doubt jealous of his rival, but Addison's generous heart formed a very different estimate of D'Urfey's talent.
It is hardly strange that Callirhoe concealed this masterpiece of epistolography from her jealous husband, Chaereas.
He understood the jealous nature, that if given the slightest ground would precipitate an esclandre.
But the Incorruptible, ever envious and jealous, would not allow him to exult too soon.
The folklorist is not unnaturally jealous of what, in some degree, looks like Folk-Lore.
If you are jealous, I can forgive it a little bit, but it is low down to call a woman a fortune hunter.
But Freddie loved Mozart, loved his music so madly that it was my turn to become jealous.
Why, they'd make the very angels jealous, and get pulling off their haloes and kicking them over the edge of heaven.
She knew that Coupeau was jealous enough to attack Lantier with his shears.
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