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How to use interchangeably in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word interchangeably? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
If nothing else, the conversion process is teaching me how to think in both environments interchangeably.
Both are used interchangeably for dust control and road-base stabilization.
A growing number of owners of vacation homes are using their weekend retreats interchangeably with their first homes.
Throughout the book, they are used interchangeably with paintings to plot the course of cubism's advance.
Both parsers essentially provide the same layout of source and libraries and therefore can be used interchangeably.
Students eventually went on to work on exercises where fractions, decimals and percentages were used interchangeably.
Today the Brix scale is in actual use, but the terms Balling and Brix often are used interchangeably.
The term antisocial personality is often used interchangeably with psychopath or sociopath and is connotative of many forms of deviant behavior.
Tangerines are actually a type of mandarin orange as are clementines, but here in the US, the names are used interchangeably.
Indeed, these terms seem to be used interchangeably by some of the authors.
We used these two systems interchangeably in the characterization of the enlarged-eye phenotype described below.
All that we do know for a fact is that the terms baseball and stoolball were used interchangeably on many occasions.
All sensors are calibrated to a common reference frame, and can be used interchangeably with the same measurement program.
In this essay, folklore, folklife, and folk culture are used more or less interchangeably.
They can be used interchangeably to complement curries and simply cooked meats, fish, and poultry, such as in our chicken salad.
I have a laptop and a desktop computer, and I use them pretty interchangeably.
The terms 'day respite' and 'day away' are used interchangeably with day hospice.
Although the terms are often used interchangeably, a true yam and a sweet potato not only belong to different families, but they also stem from different continents.
The distinction between a sales outlet and an observation point is not very well defined, since the two terms are often used interchangeably.
For this reason, the two different sets of projections cannot be used interchangeably.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Unfortunately the two terms have been used very loosely, if not interchangeably, and are still much confused in current thinking.
Many readers in fact combine the hold and the metrical pause or use them interchangeably.
And where this is impossible, then use mild laxatives and use them interchangeably.
All NP-2 models are pin and software compatible and can be interchangeably assembled on the same board to build different product classes.
In the preparation of this Request for Quotes, the word Proposer, Contractor, Vendor, and Consultant are used interchangeably.
Food, uranexite or its concentrated derivative, interchangeably.
Symbols C and D are interchangeably used to indicate a biased ringer.
The device, also interchangeably called the Nilometer, was used for measuring the level of the River Nile waters during its flood period.
It came to be used interchangeably with Leninism, as a synonym.
From this to ho-boy is but a step, and for that matter the English used the terms interchangeably.
The two words are sometimes used interchangeably, but their definitions are by no means identical.
Frequently the terms corn syrup and high-fructose corn syrup are used interchangeably.
The terms emollient and moisturiser are often used interchangeably.
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