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Female carriers of X-linked recessively inherited disorders can often be identified by some outward expression of the disorder.
He's also a toffee-nosed little git who has inherited a vast fortune, and now wastes his time killing foxes.
Malignant hyperthermia is not the only inherited disorder associated with faulty calcium signalling.
The fact that all livestock are inherited along the matrilineal line is exceptional.
Like most of Latin America, Chile inherited an inquisitorial legal system from Spain.
The latter appears, anachronistically, in the guise of two rich young bachelors who have just inherited the estate next door.
Cemetery managers, like parishes, have inherited an unenviable legacy from past generations.
Leber congenital amaurosis is an inherited disease that is believed to cause up to 20 percent of all cases of childhood blindness.
It is clear that the traits William has inherited from his mother are also reinforced from a legacy on his father's side too.
Paul Langmack basically inherited a team thrown together from other club leftovers, malcontents and has-beens on a shoe-string budget.
Darwinian biology explained how humans evolved from other life forms, and Mendelian genetics showed how defective traits were inherited.
The tendency toward hammertoes is often inherited, but shoes with a too-narrow toe box can also cause them.
On his father's death in 1869 he inherited the baronetcy and the proprietorship of the Athenaeum and Notes and Queries.
In the inherited and still influential constructions of Africa, the continent designates difference and alterity.
Moreover, from his low-church background Parks has also inherited a preference for puritan thriftiness which shows in his writing.
Most notable amongst these were the counties or shires which the Normans inherited from the Anglo-Saxons.
Ask him what he inherited from his family background, however, and his loquaciousness stops.
A new study reveals for the first time how gene mutations lead to the inherited form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease.
If they inherited one good copy and one mutant copy they would be carriers of the disease, while remaining healthy themselves.
My wife is receiving oil royalties on property that she inherited from her parents.
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