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How should one balance past outrages with the inexorable march of progress?
There was no capitulation over the four kilometres and there were no errors, merely gradual submission to inexorable opponents.
A typical heart failure patient will have become accustomed to an inexorable decline in physical vigour.
But the rule of the Army is inexorable, and he likes it for its unyieldingness.
The laughter would fuse into worry as she realized I was unwavering in my inexorable demands.
Accordingly, this application has arguable probability, not inexorable logical or theological necessity.
Before these inexorable judges, for five days, the world of Italian fashion presented its collections.
The test will be whether good intentions can be reconciled with the inexorable march of progress.
There is an inexorable logic to harnessing technology to democracy in the same way as it has been done in so many other facets of our lives.
Death, that inexorable judge, had passed sentence on him and refused to grant him a reprieve, though two doctors were his counsel.
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a common neurologic disease associated with an inexorable decline in muscle strength.
Many thought geometry's spare base of axioms and its clean, inexorable logic was scientific knowledge at its best.
No, this is not a revelation that unraveled the inexorable tangles of my mind.
There are few red herrings to distract you from the inexorable march of the plot.
There is no inexorable logic dictating that the media must undermine the independence of the spheres of art and culture.
Once set in motion by the Creator they continued by their own inexorable internal logic.
We can turn a blind eye to theory, but neither God nor his book will protect us from evolution's inexorable march.
The PC industry has kind of run roughshod over its users, and the excuse has always been tied to the inexorable march of technology.
Call it empowerment if we must, it's an acknowledgement of an inexorable female march into areas previously dominated by men.
There is nothing so satisfying, however, as a victory on behalf of the common man against the inexorable march of officialdom.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The sbirro fell on his knees, but the officer was inexorable, and he was sent to prison.
She felt as if she had been caught in an inexorable hand that had closed about her.
Well, if his inexorable fate was to be an unnameable climax, it had also its special phases, and one of these I had just averted.
What was more, he and his firm were never troubled any more with inexorable demands for baksheesh.
The mass of examples of Lincoln's leniency, mercifulness, and lack of rigor, lead one to believe he could not be inexorable.
None but she could open to him, and he knew that, like God himself, Kirsty was inexorable.
And he was so glad that this decree was inexorable, that its inscrutability did not trouble him at all.
As the insatiable, inexorable mass rolled toward him, the bushmaster seemed either to hear or scent its approach.
The girls made one last frantic appeal to the man of buckram and pipeclay, but the etiquette of the Saxon Army was inexorable.
With inexorable logic, each conclusion is deduced from what has been antecedently admitted as indisputable.
He longs to live, yet acquiesces in death, argues not with the inexorable.
The revelers come in an order regulated by inexorable circumstance.
The polished duke was more inexorable than the stern hidalgo.
In obedience to this inexorable law Podunk was making ready.
For the toll of death in the wahoo Valley was cruel and inexorable.
In his character of Hades, the viewless, he is hard and inexorable.
He arose to his feet, and baring his bosom, looked steadily on the keen, glittering knife, that was already upheld by his inexorable judge.
Had the flinty and inexorable Robespierre turned fainthearted at last?
Jane went back into the kitchen to the inexorable tasks that death has no power, even for a day, to blot from existence.
An eternal, inexorable lapse of moments is ever hurrying the day of the evil to an eternal night, and the night of the just to an eternal day.
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