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How to use immediately after in a sentence

Looking for sentences with "immediately after"? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
The pogos drop onto the runway as the aircraft lifts and the ground maintenance crew retrieve them immediately after take-off.
Unfortunately the sky opens up immediately after our set and we skedaddle before it gets too muddy and the traffic gets insane.
Corms and cormels that are planted immediately after treatment will sprout within 3 to 4 weeks.
She fell almost immediately after leaping onto the balance beam and then had to poise herself moments later as she nearly went off again.
Bathe immediately after work and change all clothing and wash clothing thoroughly with soap and hot water before reuse.
In Thailand I was hit by waves of heat of more than 30 degrees centigrade immediately after stepping off the plane after a four-hour journey.
If a print is too large and has to be rolled and sent in a tube, it should be taken out immediately after it arrived at its destination.
When adequately lavaged use litmus paper to ensure that eye pH is neutral immediately after the lavage is completed and again 10 minutes later.
It is consistent with emission from different rotamers of the cyanine dyes formed immediately after excitation.
Carlyle rubbished talk of retirement immediately after suffering the injury, and he has reiterated his eagerness to return to action.
Runner's diarrhea is frequent, loose bowel movements during or immediately after a run.
He made dry asides to reporters at City Hall events, and freely distributed his pager number immediately after taking the oath.
But immediately after the elections violence broke out and several houses were set on fire and people were attacked and killed.
Fritters are generally eaten immediately after cooking, as, like all deep-fried foods, they taste best hot and fresh.
If the Form Critics are right, the disciples must have been translated to heaven immediately after the Resurrection.
Almost immediately after the arrival of talkies, film songs came out as 78-rpm plates.
If you do not plan to tan the hide immediately after skinning it, remove as much of the flesh, fat, membranous tissue as possible.
But when they were tested immediately after being awakened from REM sleep, the exact opposite happened.
The participants completed the sleep log immediately after awakening each morning.
If it is wrong to do it prior to majority, it is wrong to do it immediately after majority.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The story of Telemachus was the subject which engaged the attention of planch immediately after he had done with Perseus.
This bag is very conspicuous in the granivorous tribes immediately after eating.
Of course the best practice is to wash the nuts immediately after shucking.
We entered the crater immediately after it was blown, placed another charge of 200 pounds of ammonal, and blew it.
He was immediately after captured by the Saracen forces, and reduced to slavery.
According to Van Beneden the hooks make their appearance immediately after encystation.
He and gillard had parted immediately after the crime, judging it safer not to be seen together.
Sometimes it comes out in the society papers immediately after it has been made known to the kinfolk and intimate friends.
Stephen, who had been sulkily dressing in his own room, entered immediately after.
This danger is avoided by raising the point of the lithotrite immediately after grasping the stone and before crushing.
The richness of its natural resources indeed made Togoland almost immediately after annexation financially independent.
Then immediately after breakfast she tripped down the stairs into the courtyard.
It is not wise to indulge in this exercise while menstruating, nor immediately after eating.
They are placed immediately after the noun they pluralize and before the particles which indicate case.
The photograph of the bull we reproduce was taken immediately after the adventure.
Special Agent youngblood's action came immediately after the first shot and before the succeeding shots.
Almost immediately after she reached Ponca Camp, she was counseled to send her step-son, Samuel, on to the valley.
It is said that she has begged poppa to let her take the bath immediately after herself.
I was again inspected about this time by a stranger doctor, and immediately after he left, my leg was lanced and poulticed.
To see whether it was essential that the exposure should take place immediately after pupation, in order to effect any change.
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