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How to use immeasurable in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word immeasurable? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
I am intoxicated by the smell of the earth, after the first hint of rains, not for hurting you, but for giving my senses immeasurable pleasure.
This charter, still valid if the council cares to exercise it, was of immeasurable value to local trade for centuries.
Radicalism hates moderation and measure, and compromise hates the immeasurable.
Although film has long offered immeasurable value to dance through its documentary capacities, the marriage is not always copacetic.
Mr. Schaan also seems to believe that invoking the immeasurable is a sufficient counter to the concrete.
Like jazz dance, Cuban dance forms owe an immeasurable debt to African culture.
Problems with voting machines delayed election results and caused immeasurable heartache.
Only a tin of mulligatawny soup has saved me from immeasurable personal pain.
I have cared for women miscarrying, and women whose labours have been induced, for all their pain is immeasurable.
In this sense at least, I suppose he chose one form of immeasurable infinity over another.
The amount of rays constantly traveling through their body was immeasurable.
Hard times have come upon us, the loss of one leader is immeasurable but two is measureless.
The rest of those twenty feet took eons to traverse, and it was immeasurable suffering.
The war was over, but the cost to ordinary people in human suffering was immeasurable.
The pleasure of having a disk that is brimming to capacity, chucking it out and throwing in a new one that's 5 times the size is immeasurable.
These can hit the shore within minutes on occasion, and can rush ashore without warning causing immeasurable damage.
Perhaps the multiplicity of pivot pins is what makes Art the immeasurable, great?
It took me two months to work up the courage to ask her out and the relief and elation when she said yes was immeasurable.
The immeasurable joy generated by the most quotidian of family functions reinforces this commitment on a daily basis.
The rewards to individual companies will be measurable and the benefits to Canada as a whole will be immeasurable.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Such an avowal of nescience is an implicit assertion of an immeasurable insight.
It is but a glimpse we get into the immeasurable distance of the Paleozoic.
And yet beneath all his discomfort there was a full tide of immeasurable happiness.
What is it that would seem to determine this immeasurable privilege of Access to Him?
At first, with the immeasurable and vulgar tedium of Mr. crosland's popular books in my memory, I thought he was joking.
He says those organisms are exceedingly minute, darkish or coloured granules, so small as to be immeasurable.
Behold, there are yet other immeasurable Sacrednesses in this that you call Heathenism, secularity!
The troop of the stars was posted in the immeasurable deeps of the firmament.
Some of the scenes thus revealed were of immeasurable grandeur and of absorbing interest.
There he was, with the pen still between his fingers, and a vast, immeasurable tract of written space behind him!
The deep abysses of darkness hid abysses of silence more immeasurable still.
The immeasurable, eternal caverns of the ocean were scooped.
How full of gayety, yet immeasurable tenderness, is her speaking face!
Despite the dark drear of Ottawa's winter outside the library, the purple-clad, pony-tailed Fitch radiated an immeasurable amount of enthusiasm.
The immeasurable silence of the calm waters, lost in the black void of night, was awful.
There never was such a squanderer of his own immeasurable riches.
This syringe gives us immense and immeasurable pain during the course of administration of injection or blood donation, said a patient.
Only here is the look of immense, unmeasured, immeasurable age.
And it occurs to no one that to admit a greatness not commensurable with the standard of right and wrong is merely to admit one's own nothingness and immeasurable meanness.
For everybody's family doctor was remarkably clever, and was understood to have immeasurable skill in the management and training of the most skittish or vicious diseases.
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