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Sentence Examples
Still, as paltry as the pay-offs were, the scandal exposed the hollowness of the ruling party's nationalist rhetoric.
His emotional range extends from the bland to the sanctimonious and this hollowness has attracted a huge morning audience.
The corruption and hollowness revealed in the prosecution of this war are too contemptible for words.
I really miss my children, and that hollowness in my stomach that represents all that sadness never leaves me.
Suddenly there was a great hollowness in her chest and she fought the sharp sting of new tears.
We are not here to consider the appeal of mute ruins, the hollowness of reason, the veneer of American order.
The 5.1 track still retains some of the lo-fi hollowness of the original mono, but is overall an excellent mix.
He was mocking the hollowness of the new consumer society before the sexual revolution.
The point of religion, he used to say, was to reconcile us to the hollowness, the futility, the nothingness of life.
It is in this hollowness that your words are wasted on an inattentive me.
In his voluble, guns-blazing manner, Adrover made the hollowness of New York Fashion Week, which ends Thursday, apparent.
My voice sounded cheerful and supportive, properly concealing the hollowness I felt.
But the closing of one school after another exposes the hollowness of those promises.
We know too much now about the hollowness of institutions and the frailty of their leaders.
Their faces have taken on a sort of hollowness as they have aged.
Rupert Frazer reveals the hollowness behind the elder Forsyth's tyrannical bluster, while Geoff Breton does all that is possible to reconcile us to his wetly conventional son.
A jolt told me that the Nautilus had bumped the underbelly of the Ice Bank, still quite thick to judge from the hollowness of the accompanying noise.
Examples from Classical Literature
There were no tears in his eyes, but a feeling of hollowness about his heart, and a great pain.
How can a man of your age talk of being melancholy, or of the hollowness of existence?
Hence, the corruptness and hollowness of all official transactions and political life.
There was, as we see in Koheleth, a prevailing tradition that Solomon felt the hollowness of his palatial life.
Laura smiled as she glanced at his face, but it was not its hollowness she was thinking of.
The number of marriages built in this way, upon false foundations of hollowness and despair, is incomputable.
That which is brought home to him is the illusoriness and hollowness of things when taken in the spirit of active endeavor.
Then she rapped the floor and walls, and could discover no indications of hollowness.
She had been once eminently handsome, and but for the wanness and hollowness of her face, would have appeared so still.
They gave off a muffled clink of hollowness when he tapped them.
Such perfection of form, such hollowness that it certainly possessed, could not be the result of mere fortuitousness.
But its hollowness and falseness they feel at times most keenly.
Louise caught the hollowness, the evasiveness, of the explanation.
To-night, for the first time in my life, I saw through the hollowness, the sham, the silliness of the empty pageant in which I had always played.
Noorullah Sadiqui the PAT spokesman said that printing such a remark which is against all norms of journalism proves the hollowness and narrow-mindedness of the publisher.
Yet he does not doubt the sincerity of her professions, and he conceals the hollowness of his own from her, partly because he is ashamed of it, and partly out of pity for her.
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