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If she can extricate them both from this strong hold of irrational machismo, then time's death grip may perhaps weaken.
The real revolution in philosophy would be to regard the contingencies of history as the means by which we lay hold of reality.
Ever since the emergence of the early state, various handfuls of people have been laying hold of inordinate amounts of wealth and power.
This is what the author is clearly reaching out for in this section, but does not fully lay hold of.
The war is fundamentally an attempt by the US to lay hold of these natural resources by force of arms.
Boyle argued that only by laying hold of atomist ideas could the occult and teleological influence of the alchemists be removed from the subject.
Turning off the table lamp, she slipped into bed and turned away from her friend, grabbing hold of her pillow.
Sometimes he does things with the ball that are magnificent, other times he gives it away when you'd expect a wee lassie to keep hold of it.
Brave Sarah finally managed to grab the leash on David's board and get hold of the girls.
I got a hold of his blue collar, and my mom came and attached the blue leash.
As a result, running around the city trying to get hold of cash has become a full-time occupation for some people.
Thereupon the dragon suddenly left hold of him, and went off into the lake.
Then the youth left hold of the cord for the first time in ten years, and a great joy descended upon him.
When the push button is left hold of, the ball 47 is free to move with the air and is pressed tightly against its seat interrupting the flow.
While he was speaking thus to himself a great wave struck the raft, and made him leave hold of the rudder, and tossed him far away into the sea.
If so he would hardly have been prepared to leave hold of a piece of art of such a high quality.
If an opportunity should occur, he assured her he would not leave hold of her hand.
Vasiliev, with whom I was walking hand in hand, suddenly left hold of my arm and sank upon the snow.
I only let you leave hold of my hand for a minute to go and buy some sweets and now the sky is falling.
This attitude alone explains a lot about why the Right has gotten hold of the airwaves as effectively as it has.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The claspers of briony shoot into the spiral, and lay hold of whatever comes in their way, for support.
They bunched in front of him to bar his passage, one laying hold of his arm.
That the dog-germ should seek to get hold of, and differentiate them, we can well understand.
By the time he laid hold of it, however, the saurian was no longer on dry ground.
By the time he laid hold of it, however, the saurian, was no longer on dry ground.
The explanation of superstitions must hold of all false beliefs, whatever their utility or disutility.
Pat had caught hold of the dolphin striker, and was making his way up to the bowsprit.
He stepped nearer, and towering over her, he took hold of her shoulders in a powerful grasp and looked down upon her dominantly.
Only this morning I barked my shins something cruel trying to catch hold of a boy who was playing the banjo on the double bass.
There are no rival claims to lay hold of unoccupied or semicivilized territories in other parts of the world.
While one took the batteau by the bow, another kept hold of the stern to keep her from upsetting, or filling with water.
The horse pistol was hunted for, as it had recoiled with such force I had lost hold of it.
The Erikson woman got hold of the Manager on the stairs while he was going to his lunch.
You must get hold of bwana Nyele, and you must tie him fast also, and keep him from his safari.
And now they are homesteading, trying to get hold of land as fast as they can.
Except in the cases, comparatively rare before the statute Quia Emptores, in which the feoffee is to hold of the feoffors lord.
Mike got out and immediately caught hold of the door from the outside and banged it shut, caging the bear in the little room.
First of all his mother took hold of him by the flaxen hair, and pulled it.
The next moment he had reached out a hand, caught hold of the One-and-All's forestay, and swung himself out into the darkness.
This explanation would not hold of course if Fosite is to be identified with Forseti the son of Balder.
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