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Laser printers are energy hogs, both during active use and in standby mode.
The buck and its tall, thick rack had vanished, replaced by a herd of feral hogs that vacuumed the corn.
The pen was necessary to safeguard the feeder and its precious contents from cows and wild hogs.
Owners of hogs and cattle could be identified by unique patterns of notches and holes cut in the animals' ears.
In my defense I didn't know wild hogs were nowhere near as tough as a 150 pound man.
Interestingly though, most of these pigs, about 5 million, are weanlings and feeder hogs.
From the old world, settlers brought various vegetables and fruits but above all poultry, hogs, and cattle.
If Kevin hadn't wanted to farm, says Jo, she would have immediately rented out the cropland and sold the hogs.
The two estimates led us to the estimated live weight of market hogs for each farm.
She was baling hay on a farm west of Anderson when she encountered a sounder of feral hogs.
After this operation, the hogs are brought to a leaf lard puller where the leaf lards are removed.
His brother is too sickly to do any chores, so Chris ends up working on the house and slopping the hogs while his father drives hours to his job.
In the days before refrigeration, hogs were slaughtered and cured at the first heavy autumn frost.
They started farrowing hogs when they moved to the rented farm in 1991 and have a traditional farrow-to-finish setup.
The Thompsons operate a 300-acre diverse crop and livestock farm, raising beef cattle and hogs.
You don't really think that Bush likes to get out there and slop the hogs and move the hay around, do you?
When contest sponsors add wild hogs and bobwhites to the list, Texans will be the favorites.
Our system provides a nicer environment for the hogs than a confinement barn, where pigs just eat, drink, sleep and get bored.
When all areas in the watershed are included, 88 billion pounds of manure from chickens, hogs, cattle and turkeys are generated every year.
Why does it take a so-called crackdown to get the police out of their nice, warm cars to stop these road hogs?
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Examples from Classical Literature
He makes a specialty of raising Durham cattle and he is also engaged in raising Percheron horses and high grade hogs.
The mainstay of every farmer, aside from his cornfield, was his litter of razorback hogs.
Several illustrations in Bob's write-up exhibited Alfred in farmer's garb, feeding cattle, sheep and hogs out of his hand.
Feed it to about ten hogs, once per week in hog cholera season, more or less according to number of hogs.
The area was heavily grazed by goats, hogs and horses and had little grass or other ground cover under the trees.
In passing overland from the Essequibo to the Demerara we fell in with a herd of wild hogs.
If that be holiness, I could show you hogs in this forest who are fit to head the calendar.
The artiodactyl group must have quickly branched in turn, as we find very primitive hogs and camels before the end of the Eocene.
The hogs were not in sight, though they could be heard grunting and scuffling.
The business of the dairy, like the feeding of hogs and poultry, is originally carried on as a save-all.
Our soldiers have been making a clean sweep of the hogs, sheep, and poultry on the route.
Why, Jim, they've got more hogs up concord way than they know what to do with.
Nevertheless, we will have it done, lest their bad example should corrupt the other hogs.
Pickaninnies, starved dogs, mules, razorback hogs and malaria seemed to thrive along with the willow and pepper trees.
Swine plague, which in the United States in 1879 destroyed over a million hogs, and chicken cholera, also engaged his attention.
The ixodid comprise the ticks which attach themselves to cattle, hogs, and man, and are not at all uncommon objects.
Some of them have been reared in France, and they will intermix and produce with the common hogs.
When taken young, they are soon rendered familiar, but they will not intermix with the domestic hogs.
But is it not as important to look to fitness in man as in Poland China hogs or Holstein cows?
Atter grandma got too old to wuk in de field, she didn't do nothin' but piddle 'round de yard and bile slops for de hogs.
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