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They have met with tremendous success and virtually no opposition in mainline Protestantism because of the praiseworthiness of their aims.
Despite lavishing millions of dollars on his campaigns and outspending his opponents, his political ambitions have met with little success.
Plans to move a drug addiction clinic near a city centre shopping area have met with a mixed reaction.
A World Cup win in cricket or rugby league would probably have met with a similar response.
Recent attempts to revive viticultural traditions and make wine have met with modest success.
These developments have met with a mixed reaction in the respective countries.
Recent moves to revive the dying indigenous cultures have met with little success.
Members of the Homeless Power Project also have met with police recruits at the training academy and at some precincts.
Following the stories and letters in the Citizen regarding taxis using bus lanes I have met with a police inspector and the truth appears to be emerging.
So far, attempts to create universal terminology standards or automate the translation between different terminologies have met with limited success, Kaufman says.
Some of his published works have met with strong criticism and reproach.
The attempts by some shortsighted commanders to confine themselves to training and to leave education to officers of educational structures have met with a resolute rebuff.
Attempts to coordinate the region's cultural offerings have met with little success, for traditional intercity rivalries remain deeply entrenched.
Attempts to quantify the amount and distribution of Sargassum in the Atlantic have met with many difficulties, including changes with seasonality and regional patchiness.
Until recently, botanists have met with similar impenetrability when asking these questions about orchids, the glamour queens of the plant kingdom.
Payne also explains that students who have met with failure in other settings generally experience success in the ungraded, self-instructional, individualized program.
Though his successes often followed a major shift in a new direction, the updates of his image throughout the years have met with as many failures.
Beyond Pixar animation, the Shrek, Ice Age and Despicable Me series have met with the most success.
Some of these cimices are extremely pretty, but if handled emit their disagreeable perfume. I have met with about a dozen species of these bugs.
Additionally, it has proved itself very effective at protecting people too, Smoke Screens have met with great success when deployed in violent armed raid scenarios.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The apocryphal story is not supported by any authority that I have met with.
The open game has come to stay, and attempts to further restrict it have met with strong opposition.
It is natural to suppose that the enthusiastic Ghazzali would gladly have met with this champion of Muhammadanism.
As I have met with but one example of this, from Lesbos,7 I will summarize it briefly.
The other is a singular form of socketed spear, differing from any example I have met with elsewhere.
But that Pytheas should have been far enough out in the sea north of Norway to have met with drift ice is scarcely credible.
The Donatist treatises have met with little attention from individual editors.
All your scruples, you see, have met with an indulgence truly maternal from me.
I have met with the word in French authors, but never could assign any idea to it.
We have gone whithersoever we chose, to-day, and have met with nothing but the kindest attentions.
I should have thought the continual failures you have met with in all your own love affairs might have taught you better by this time.
I concluded that this harpooneer, in the course of his distant voyages, must have met with a similar adventure.
He is one of the very few human beings I have met with in the course of my life who is not to be cheated.
In aquilegia I have met with a similar increase in the whorls of carpels.
But why should a work planned so sanely have met with so fantastic a fate?
This is the earliest specimen of differencing I have met with.
Had he been at Tyburn he could scarce have met with more attention.
Despite its potential within DoD as a best practice, programs focused on commonality have met with mixed success.
I have met with the cero only along the Florida reefs and keys.
Excepting certain periods of suspense and anxiety, I am as even-tempered a Rogue as you have met with anywhere since the days of Gil Blas.
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