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If homeopathic theory was correct, the trace amounts of caffeine in decaff ought to have me bouncing off the ceiling.
Kathryn have me one of her very popular side hugs and said thanks for lunch before skipping out the door, keys jangling in her hand at her side.
I don't want people to distort my words, nor baselessly go on attacking handicapped people and have me take the blame for instigating it.
We had many scenes that were not knee-slappers, but in between takes he would have me laughing so hard that I could relax.
Then it wouldn't be in the best interest of our alliance for you to have me bound at your feet, would it?
And then, my next guest will be one Latino leader who has made it his mission to have me fired.
A few months later I fell in love with this friend and carried a torch for him for years, but he would never have me.
I was collared by the priest one day coming out of church, and my mum who was with me was only too happy to have me do it.
The downside of this will be that if I ever do commit any kind of crime then the police will pretty much have me bang to rights.
And, by rights, I should marry her if she'd have me, but I am still a bit dubious.
They think they have me by the short and curlies, but I shaved everything.
He said at the end if I asked another question he'd have me liquidated.
Derek, Richard and Wade didn't even have to have me tell them to start going to their rooms and begin arming themselves with body armour and other weapons.
Alright, if she wants to tango, she can have me as her dance partner.
In normal times the thought of using vinyl planking on the floor would have me out manning the barricades, fighting on the beaches and protesting in other suitable ways.
Curious audio decisions have me shaking my head in bewilderment.
The prospect of a delivery man coming to my door with my next 100 calories would have me salivating.
Twice within 48 hours, a nervous tension built slowly in my stomach that would normally have me reaching for the Milk of Magnesia.
When I dance they call me Macarena, And the boys they say que soy buena, They all want me, they can't have me, so they all come and dance beside me.
She agreed to have me in for one show, just to see how I was doing.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Would you have me return, to be booted off the range when they tell your father?
Its cunsumsion and they won't have me back for fere of my giving it to others.
And if you don't have me in your squad, then, me for a deserter, by cracky!
You're the first man who ever was so ungallant as to tell me he would be grateful to have me leave him.
Aunt Rachel wrote to Granma that they would be glad to have me come over to halton for a visit.
Why, say, old man Austin that passes the collection plate would have me pinched if he saw me drop that in it.
And as they are come, your father, to shew how much he is determined, will have me send them up to you.
I shall tell them that I want to go home, but will they have me in Salzburg?
Would you have me raisin' a shindy when Eileen's leavin' here in a day or more?
And presently I thought that I might do worse than be a housecarl for a time, if Eglaf would have me.
Thrice the brinded cat hath mewed, and now she threatens to have me up before the matron.
I was never unwelcome at their amorous battles, and the voluptuous ancilla was delighted to have me for a witness.
The mamma does have me to rock it and rock it and teeter it on the bed and walk the floor with it.
You would have me attack and take first one kopje, then the second, and then the third?
If you would have me understand you, Dora, explain how you wish me to live with you.
My husband's body yet uninterred, still would you have me enter into fresh bonds.
Would you have me neglect one of the foremost articles of an artilleryman's faith?
He and Engels were returning there at once, and would like to have me go with them.
What unimagined situations would Starsky have me rehearsing now, if he was here, with me, on a recce for this one?
However, these which are reported over in this area have me buffaloed.
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