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If Lott's original words are not enough to disqualify him as Senate leader, then his maladroit grasp of public relations should be.
If everything is explained to us, from A to Z, then even an idiot can grasp it.
A musician who has mastered Fixed Do and acquired nearly absolute pitch is able to grasp an entire musical phrase at once.
Verbs and adjectives are more abstract, and so are more difficult concepts for children's minds to grasp.
Chailly has the vast canvas within his grasp from the very opening of those horns and brass that herald the mammoth journey.
What I can not grasp is the concept of a bus arriving a quarter of an hour early and leaving well ahead of its scheduled time.
Buy them now and some time in the distant future, a Ronald Reagan jelly bean jar may yet be within your grasp.
Most teachers recognise that pupils vary in the speed and manner in which they grasp new ideas and acquire skills.
Anderson might get gibes for being a pretty boy, but is respected in the bush and the cities for his grasp on his portfolio.
You need to get a grasp of the evidence, and in effect, get your act together.
Feeling irritation welling up inside of me, I jerked my arm free of her grasp and walked towards the cart to do just that.
The perception appears to be that I am such a slavish adherent of the letter of the law that I do not grasp the spirit of it.
It is not easy for us now to grasp how central the image of theatre was to the Elizabethan Weltanschauung.
By their own admission that is way beyond their technological grasp, and may remain forever out of reach.
They were, he continued, within a whisker of making it through to the All Ireland semi-finals when they had victory snatched from their grasp.
Tightening her grasp on the tray until her knuckles turn white, Rena suddenly nods.
Fining over the top of the wrecks and around the hull affords a great opportunity to grasp the size of the ships.
I don't think anyone could entirely grasp who I am from watching the show, but what was shown was very raw and honest.
Week after week he painstakingly helped them work through problems his brightest students would grasp in an instant.
Tensions inside the firm mounted as some of the firm's white-shoe bankers worried that CEO Purcell would grasp at any deal.
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Examples from Classical Literature
They dropped from his grasp, and I saw that his fingers were purple and black.
However, in any one particular thing, we grasp only what it is in actualization.
No one will deny that the buddhist, the Mahometan, the Confucianist, have their grasp of truth.
The cabalist started up, seized him, and held him in his careful grasp, foaming and in convulsions.
How will he despise what he can grasp, for the sake of the dim glory that eludes him!
He hails the Rev. Septimus with a genial laugh and a hearty grasp of the hand.
The Canuck felt perhaps the simpler joy that the average man has in any strange notion that he is able to grasp.
A warm grasp of the hand from each was the only reply, and I turned once more to my discomforted friends the Guerillas.
We stand before the greatest marbles and canvasses, and we seem to have truth within our grasp and nature almost subjugated.
The 'chin rest' was meant to give the player a better grasp of his instrument.
He stepped nearer, and towering over her, he took hold of her shoulders in a powerful grasp and looked down upon her dominantly.
If chipping or cutting is required, he will grasp the first chisel at hand.
Then, too, when our artist friend was with us we were in the grasp of an epidemic of cholera.
These assignations, sine die, are such shadowy things that I can neither grasp nor get any comfort from them.
The Christmas rose clung tighter to the little brown hand, and drew comfort from the tender grasp.
If you grasp it, by abstracting from it even being, you will be in ecstasy.
Some of the boys were farsighted enough to grasp what Elmer believed so firmly.
He rushed forward and seized it in his grasp so violently that he knocked it down with its fastener.
He tried to grasp the situation and fearfulness does not help at such a time.
Jack had often amused himself at the expense of the anthropophagi, but here he was actually within their grasp.
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