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How to use gorget in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word gorget? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
The gorget appears to have been cut on the bias and was pulled up to cover the throat.
With his right hand, he lifted away his iron veil, his crown and mask and gorget, exposing his slender face.
The arrow took him through the throat, the armour piercing head passing through the gorget on the swordsman's throat with ease.
Most of it was plate-mail with chain leggings and a chain gorget around her throat.
He staggered over to Cecil's form, and seized him up by the back of his gorget.
Where the man has a hood the woman has, as a rule, a head-veil and wimple or gorget.
The female, scaly-brown in colouring, displays a much less conspicuous off-white gorget.
Both males and females are predominantly black with a glittering, rosy throat patch, or gorget, and emerald wings.
In the early days, as in the 1631 Mauritshuis painting with gorget, kiss-curl and slimmed-down nose, he flattered himself.
The close burgonet has a high comb, a peak, a barred, spiked visor and three gorget plates.
In the 19th century, the development of superior instruments and procedures for lithotomy thankfully rendered the gorget obsolete.
The gorget was an instrument historically used for the removal of stones from the bladder.
The cutting edge of the gorget was then used to introduce an opening into the bladder.
The beak served as a guide, being slid down a groove in an instrument known as the staff, which was positioned beneath the gorget.
There is also a photograph of the Hart Militia Crest and of a military gorget that belonged to Aaron Hart.
The cinnamon-red male has a shiny green patch on top of the head and a scarlet gorget, or throat patch, that sometimes appears black.
Hincmar recognized an Egyptian gorget on the former and a Roman helmet on the latter.
It resembles the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, but the male's gorget is deep violet changing to black.
Once the opening was made and the stone located, the surgeon could then slide a pair of forceps along the concave portion of the gorget and into the bladder to grasp and remove the stone.
He wears a splendid gorget, or throat patch, of silky, ruby red feathers, which sometimes appear orange, or even jet black, depending on the light.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Upon the head they wore the wimple, the fillet, and about the throat the gorget.
It should perhaps be described as a burgonet with gorget and movable mentonires.
In this illustration appears also the gorget of plate that was worn over the throat and chin with the bascinet.
The basinet now rested on the gorget, and was so arranged that the head could be turned to right and left.
In these brasses we find that the camail has become the Standard of Mail, or collarette, worn under the gorget of plate.
This gorget belongs, in its general character as an ornament, to the North.
She saw the childish fingers unlace the helmet, unbind the gorget, unbelt the sword, and lay aside the armor.
It had a pivoted or hinged vizor and nosepiece, and complete chin, neck and cheek protection, closely connected with the gorget.
The armet frequently comprised, especially in the later examples, a fixed gorget, generally of two or more articulated plates.
His helmet had been loosened from his gorget and was held before him on his horse's neck.
Next came the gorget, as it was called, which was a sort of collar to cover the neck.
One half expects to see him fashioning a gorget or a sword on his anvil.
The roped edge of the breastplate is placed over the gorget.
This was the gorget or whisk, which was used both plain and laced.
The last survival of plate armour is to be found in the gorget.
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