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I can't remember exactly what she said after that, but the gist was that they were going to try and extract the baby using a ventouse.
But the gist of the film is the meeting of the criminals and their interaction to identify the snitch.
I think everybody kind of gets the gist of what she is trying to say, but it is also true that she is walking back several of her statements.
Today, there is no evidence that the gist of his boffo performance on February 5 was anything other than smoke and mirrors.
I am unable to reprint my story here, but if you read some of the links you'll get the gist of it.
Soon, I knew enough nouns and verbs to understand the gist of simple sentences.
The gist of the tort of misfeasance in public office is the deliberate abuse of power.
I think the gist was that it's a historical story about immigrants coming to London.
Perhaps, the gist of it all could be summed up in the old maxim that truth is stranger than fiction.
The full response is too long to repost, but you'll get the gist of it here.
Faint voices floated to him and he caught the general gist of the conversation.
In general, no one wrote anything that strongly contradicted the gist of the review.
Your Honour, we would submit that the gist of the problem is what the award requires the employer to do.
Where damage is the gist of the action, as in negligence, the claimant must prove actual loss.
The minutiae of meetings remains private, but the general gist is that it was a problem and it has been addressed.
The gist of the tort of unlawful interference is the intentional infliction of economic harm.
I didn't completely understand all they'd just said, but I thought I had the general gist of it.
The gist is that they feel the choice and range of goods has gone down and prices have gone up.
But as I understand the law, the gist of the action of false imprisonment is the mere imprisonment.
The script was totally written, every line was there, but he just wanted us to get a general gist of the scene.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The despatch made Mr. ament say a great deal more than this, but the gist here is enough.
I don't know that I could repeat it word for word, but I could certainly give the gist of it.
The gist of their account is that he was born in a Brahman family near Gaya and early obtained renown as a disputant.
The gist of the matter was that the children constituted a hindrance to claustral discipline and devotion.
The gist is that Mr. blandish wants a house to live in and that he has an idea of the kind of house he wants.
The gist of that information was that the owner of the house was a lame gentleman who sometimes went out in a Bath chair.
The analects of Confucius contain the gist of his teachings, and is worthy of study.
She ignored the gist of this remark, and began to unhook the collar of her jacket.
That, as far as Mary understood anything about it, was the gist of the story.
And this was the gist of most of the expressed sentiments which came to him.
She paused as if she felt it indecorous to speak of her pregnancy before Pierre, though the gist of the matter lay in that.
That has been the gist of the parables which I have tried to adapt to the comprehension of my parishioners.
I want to have the gist of them before the London Syndicate sees them.
In pamphlet form the gist of it started upon the rounds of Europe.
Now, Smith, you've given me the gist of the matter, haven't you?
I have come to report the gist of a conversation I heard to-day, because I feel that, while there may be nothing to it, it is as well that you be forearmed.
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