Sentences and phrases with the word fudging

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Sentence Examples
Michael Medved says the Dems are fudging the numbers to justify their soak-the-wealthy approach.
They're fudging the issue and if they don't tackle this head on, they will be seen to shield those who commit heinous crimes on children.
But if you don't feel comfortable with such blatant figure fudging, you can tinker with the words.
Certainly one can distort the truth without fudging figures or Photoshopping images, simply by clever juxtaposition.
So the obvious interpretation of his comments is that he used the suggestion of one association for Britain as a means of fudging the issue.
Some have claimed that this is fudging the issue, and that they have set in a committee where it will wither and die.
Again, the scam depends on inside information and fudging self-reported numbers.
But it'll never be done by 2005, which will mean that managers will again spent too much time fudging performance figures and not enough get the system right.
According to media reports, the corporation has been accused of fudging facts and figures regarding funds that were used for reconstruction and rehabilitation.
Examples from Classical Literature
While the Jackies coal ship all hands are doing there part and there is no fudging going on.
The system of fudging tasks, cribbing lessons, deception of every sort they endeavoured to overthrow.
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