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Sentence Examples
A professor of microbiology at the university discovered the bacteria earlier this year growing on fucus seaweed in the Firth of Forth.
Adios Slimming tablets include the active plant extracts boldo, butternut, dandelion root and fucus.
In 2005, it was announced that bacteria grown on Fucus have the ability to attack and kill the MRSA superbug.
The rockweed shown at left, Fucus distichous, visible at low tide at the Berkeley Marina in California, is somewhat smaller.
The observed apical-basal polarity in the zygote of Arabidopsis and Fucus presages polar development during embryogenesis.
They found, however, no difference in attachment strength between Fucus evanescens and the native fucoids when plants of the same size were compared.
Common genera in brown algae are Fucus, Ascophyllum, Pelvetia and Pelvetiopsis.
Fucus vesiculosus is a common large alga on the shores of the British Isles.
It is sometimes confused with Fucus spiralis with which it hybridises and is similar to Fucus serratus.
Phlorotannins in Fucus vesiculosus act as chemical defences against the marine herbivorous snail Littorina littorea.
It may typically overlap in distribution with Fucus vesiculosus and Fucus serratus.
The mostly asexually reproducing brown alga Fucus radicans seems to have evolved in the basin.
Examples from Classical Literature
But art has taught her to supply furrowed deformities with ceruse boxes, and to repair a decayed complexion with an Italian fucus.
In some northern countries, fucus serratus sprinkled with meal is used as winter fodder.
Several species of fucus were attached either to stones or shells, as well as Ulv and Conferv.
I have also experimented with a mucilage produced by a fucus, a kind of sea-weed, which promises future success.
In fucus this usually occurs on the bulbous extremities of the branches.
Found attached to stones, etc., about the holdfasts of fucus.
Fucus and laminaria constitute the kelp from which iodine is obtained, and were at one time the source of the potash of commerce.
The weeds most valued for the purpose are the Fucus vesiculosus, nodosus, and serratus, and the laminaria bulbosa and digitata.
The latter had come for the purpose of collecting the gelatinous Fucus, agar-agar.
This species is often abundant on the fronds of laminaria washed ashore, and also on Rhodymenia and Fucus.
Fucus, wakame, and other brown seaweeds are considered to be the preferred varieties for binding to heavy metals like nuclear wastes.
Competition for space between the epiphytes of Fucus serratus.
The Fucus esculentus, a kind of eatable sea-weed on our northern shores.
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