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The show really jumps back and forth through time this season, flashing back to the arbitration scenes with Marcia Gay Harden.
The discussion turned into a heated debate with recriminations flying back and forth.
In the 1950s, you had people like Richard Hofstadter and Arthur Schlesinger moving back and forth between the two worlds.
During the Dujail trial, he shuttled back and forth to Baghdad to advise judges and lawyers.
Then, as Amado had predicted, he suddenly stopped speaking and began rolling his head back and forth.
One of the kids had a ball in his hand, and Cuomo took it and tossed it back and forth to an eight year old.
After that, the Princess of the amazons spent months bouncing back and forth between various writers and artists.
His assistant manager, DOUG STAMPER, is agitated, pacing back and forth, while UNDERWOOD calmly eats a breadstick.
His fingers were rubbing back and forth on the photo, as if he was trying to animate his baby back to life.
The rules of current English spelling were first set forth by Richard Mulcaster in his 1582 publication Elementarie.
Action for the next few years focused around a back and forth struggle in Brittany.
He could not move as quickly as most men, but he put forth his utmost speed.
The butt-woman was just setting forth the need of money for church repairs but she interrupted herself when she found me studying monuments.
For there is no going forth from the pains and afflictions of the secret places of the desires until these be mortified and put to sleep.
For example, a living trust is often an express trust, which is also a revocable trust, and might include an incentive trust, and so forth.
In the book, Holmes set forth his view that the only source of law, properly speaking, was a judicial decision enforced by the state.
Looking the United States Federal Budget is a back and forth negotiation between politicians and provides great insight of incremental change.
He first explained that the federal government is one of limited powers, as set forth in the Constitution.
It seemed as if the sense of public resentment had long been gathering strength unperceived, and now burst forth into insuppressible violence.
In September, Wilson asked Brandeis to set forth explicitly how competition can be effectively regulated.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Then atlantes broke the spell and disappeared, together with the castle, and the prisoners trooped forth, Rogero among them.
Nowhere so accessibly, so fully, and so truthfully will be found the state of Henry the Eighth's England set forth.
The snow was suffocating him, and his legs were atremble with the effort he had put forth.
Close on Sheriff birdsong's hurrying heels the judge himself issued forth from the sheriff's office.
If the slanderer will stand forth and avow himself, I may know how to deal with him.
Exultingly he called forth his vassals, and the work of opening the umbrella began in the presence of an awestricken multitude.
Tis none other that the Dean sets forth, ay, and the book that I have here.
She was brought forth on churning the ocean to produce the amrita, or drink of immortality.
He said this to himself as an officer was trolling forth an Anacreontic song.
Now all these specific reactions, the precipitin reaction as well as the anaphylactic reaction, can be called forth by proteins.
Having paused awhile for words, I poured forth a torrent of abuse on ahern.
Balt Haer had been looking back and forth between his father and the newcomer and becoming obviously more puzzled.
When anear they saw him coming, the gallant Campeador, With great worship to receive him, forth unto him they ride.
So with a taste of sour ale in their mouths man and wife rode forth from Hawick the airt of Peel Fell.
He is led forth at the sacrifices, the priest, the accomplisher of sacrifice.
A flute sends forth the tones of a flute, not those of a bassoon or a trumpet.
Should he lead up to his news by gradual steps or give it forth like an alarum?
They hold and send forth the beaconing flash from every intellectual and loving light-house in the world.
The Aragonese nature stood forth, and it is one which does not know how to be conquered.
From out of a deep windfall a beady-eyed, thin-bellied fisher-cat came forth, and stopped with his feet in the crimson ribbon.
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