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He was amazed that his father had set up a suite just for Kate, fully equipped for all her needs.
There was something heroic in her blinkered self-belief, and for all her dislikeable qualities, audiences were irresistibly drawn to her.
Or the teacher who accosted his student backstage after her full recital, dressing her down in front of her peers for all her musical failures.
Yet for all her athletic prowess, Serena Williams is not content to remain just a tennis star.
She was such a friendly and outgoing person and had time for all her customers.
Yet for all her cantankerousness, the woman had fed her and given her a job, and for the first while a place to live.
Last week the students finished the course and thanked Rita for all her support by presenting her with a bouquet of flowers.
A special thank you goes to Patricia McDermot for all her hard work to make the night such a big success.
Hailey, who had farewell hugs for all her tour participants, says the most rewarding element of her job is in the mailbag.
Mrs Quinn received a Certificate of Thanks for all her hard work acknowledging her unstinting service to the local charity.
He put his arm about her waist and drew her to him, attempting to kiss her neck but, for all her ability to flirt, Theresa was rather cold and did not share her body easily.
But for all her love of dancing, she suffers badly from stage fright.
But for all her trendiness, one must ask whether Megan really has any personal style at all.
Yet, for all her many achievements, it's being part of Southampton's project to establish special schools from which she derives the most professional pride.
The chef had to track down organic suppliers for all her ingredients.
For all her pleonasm, for all her longwinded babbling, for all her pathetic redundancy, there is still so much that she will never, ever articulate.
But for all her reductivism, Thomas was a champion of sensory perception.
Yet for all her cred as a femme serieux, Kennedy keeps in close touch with the naughty girl of her past.
Sincere thanks must also go to Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Medwen Brookes, for all her hard work in preparing the recitalists over many months.
Even Lemon, for all her protofascist beliefs, wins our sympathy.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Basel, for all her differences with him, buried Erasmus with great honours.
Ouida, for all her femininity, was more than this feline and gelatinous New Englander.
Miss claxon, don't you understand that if no will turns up, they come in for all her money.
That, she felt, would be a sweet reward indeed for all her hard work and patient grubbing among unimaginative equations and conjugations.
The little one was shy, for all her busy interest in everything going on, and it was not easy to tame her.
But Nelly herself was no shrinking violet, for all her baby face.
As she spoke, Jo took off her bonnet, and a general outcry arose, for all her abundant hair was cut short.
For all her wrinkles and creaks, what a fine vessel she was for the power, to be sure!
For all her courage and iconoclasm, she was deeply feminine in outlook and behavior.
For all her soft daintiness, there was something of the tigress in Eileen Meredith.
For all her joy and all her prettiness, Naomi was a burden which only love could bear.
For all her blondness, they were quite dark, these glistening eyelashes.
For all her dullness, it was a signal from Sally that saved Andrew.
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