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The suspicion that the emperor's death had been faked gained more and more adherents.
My guess is that he sold the film rights to his life, faked his own death and lived happily ever after.
And later in Rome he faked some old masters in order to humiliate local painters who resented his intrusion into their domain.
He later claimed that she made up a bunch of stories, that she became stalkerish, faked a pregnancy and became crazy.
The dining car waiters and Pullman porters knew it too, and they faked their Uncle Tomming to get bigger tips.
The story is told without frills and if you find yourself choking with emotion practically all the way through, it doesn't feel faked.
During an appeal hearing against the fine it was uncovered that one of the pictures had been faked and the date changed.
There are all sorts of reasons why documents might be faked and we should expect that many of them will be.
The Saints faked a punt using a guy they'd barely met while the Jets faked a field goal using a linebacker as a running back.
Would a true believer really have faked a vision of Christ, as did the pseudonymous author of Revelation, or a letter of Peter or Paul?
I meant that Burberry is so popular it has started being faked and made badly!
After 1918 old glass, especially Irish, started to make high premiums and it began to be faked.
For instance, Magdalena de la Cruz confessed, during a serious illness in 1543, that her stigmata had been faked.
After the death of his wife, Thomas faked a will in her name to avoid certain legal complications.
Chinese counterfeiters, in one instance, have faked an American company's entire product line, right down to its Web site.
They faked being hurt and then threw grenades at Marines who approached to provide medical treatment.
I should stress that what I saw was partial and decontextualised, and it may be faked.
Sometimes, I even faked being happy if I felt the producer was trying to get me to say something bad.
Later that evening she opens them with a kind of controlled hysteria that I'm convinced is completely faked.
He confidently asserts that the tapes are not faked, and that the vocal range is too broad to be made by a human.
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Give me some evidence that they were faked, and I'll be happy to reinspect your views.
What's to prevent them running the faked props to the firm who plants the brandy?
Out there in the sunshine the jackleg looked the part, so I wondered how we come to be faked by him.
It is a terrible thing to have spent years perfecting the art of fakery, and then to realize you needn't have faked at all.
Besides, he can't have faked the terms, and that's the only document that counts.
A CLAMPDOWN on online hoaxers who con people out of money via faked copycat Government websites has led to five arrests.
Why does Miss Howard suppress the letter written on the 17th, and produce this faked one instead?
Its balance sheets are faked, its reserves are non-existent.
Suppose you assume one per cent of them are faked, that would be seventy.
Glancing into his mirror he took in the setup, then faked a steep climb.
There has been speculation in the media over Bey's first pregnancy with many websites suggesting that Queen Bey never got pregnant and faked her baby bump all the time.
For it was this same boy that faked the chart from Billy Bones.
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