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How to use endeavored in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word endeavored? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
I am writing to thank you for bouncing my check with which I endeavored to pay my plumber last month.
I worked hard to obtain these codes, and I endeavored to keep them safe from all others, to ensure they are used in the best possible way.
They endeavored to create a professional atmosphere where one could make a substantial living wage.
One U.S. defense official noted the initial program at Camp 27 endeavored to train 100 Libyan special operations soldiers.
Instead, I endeavored to strive even harder so that I would not debase his legacy.
In setting this standard, the Board endeavored to protect electric utility companies from being required to bear an impracticably high burden of proof.
My piano lessons were going great guns, so I thought this put me in the elite and obviously endeavored to impress my teacher and probably my parents.
He tried to keep calm and endeavored to unhasp the casement.
But they have also endeavored to secure it against the outside world.
The Committee also endeavored to identify an element of creative activity that should exist before the obtenteur would be entitled to protection.
The Brazilian State has endeavored to establish an educational policy for the rural population.
At the end of 2009, we endeavored to translate the Group's vision into our activities.
The Brazilian Government has endeavored, in coordination with social movements, to provide for the needs of certain social groups.
We have endeavored to present our research in an accessible way, without doing harm to our absolute standard of legal correctness.
In recent years, our divisions have endeavored to make generating, transmission and distribution facilities and services more effi cient.
From the beginning, he endeavored to attract the wine of small growers so that they may see the potential for development.
They endeavored to create an original imaginary work, which also left room for a child's imagination.
Although we've endeavored to stay true to the original instrument, obviously it made sense to add some additional features.
These projects endeavored to stimulate the public's curiosity and interest in the local environment, thereby promoting responsible behavior.
So, in tribute to Bach, I endeavored to silently munch one or two nachos during the D-major middle section of the Chaconne.
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Examples from Classical Literature
My field of labor was my own heart, which I endeavored to render pure in the sight of God.
He greeted her effusively and she endeavored to pass him and go to the kitchen.
What it lacked in intrinsic truth and power of conviction, it endeavored to supply by presumptuousness.
There was an interval of slight awkwardness, which Susy endeavored to displace.
Gates endeavored to displace Washington, but ruined himself in the attempt.
And eggcup in hand, he endeavored to imitate Nana, quite forgetting his dignity in his frantic desire to convince the others.
They generally, as a measure of protection against their enemies, endeavored to encamp upon the point of an island.
The imperial army arriving in the province of Higo, endeavored to reach Kumamoto from the northwest via Takase.
The drum beat, and the vakeel himself went into the men's quarters and endeavored to prevail upon them to answer the call.
They endeavored even to debauch our pity, and to suborn it in favor of cruelty.
The Jansenists, however, endeavored to meet the Papal condemnation with casuistic subtlety.
Untiring in his efforts to defend the fortress, Velasco resolutely and capably endeavored to foil the enemy's designs.
If your honors please, I have endeavored, so far as it was possible, to abbreviate what I have had to say on this subject.
He has endeavored to refreshen the colors by removing the dust that may have settled.
We have endeavored to explain why our weather is so uncertain and incomputable.
He had never endeavored to inculcate knowledge of a positive sort in his pupils.
I have endeavored to represent the Squire's pronunciation of the last word.
Then he endeavored to infold his father in his embrace, but his arms inclosed only an unsubstantial shade.
He graded the work of the school and endeavored to standardize instruction.
In the meantime we had endeavored to localize the conflict by most emphatic steps.
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