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How to use elk in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word elk? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
The disease can cause female bison, cattle, and elk to abort their fetuses.
It provides early spring forage not only for cattle and sheep, but for wild ruminants as well, including deer, bison, elk, and moose.
Hair samples that have been recovered from alleged Bigfoot encounters have turned out to come from elk, bears or cows.
You might even catch a glimpse of the tule elk that live in the reserve at the northern tip of the Point Reyes peninsula.
Most elk are hunted in the forest, although I do know of migrational paths that change that story.
It is also home to deer, elk and moose, and the rivers and lakes are alive with fish.
The land around the ranch is a protected wintering area for elk, deer and bighorn sheep.
From North America came squirrels and raccoons, bears and bison, eagles and an elk.
Most of our customers are big-game hunters going after local whitetail deer or Western big game such as elk and mule deer.
One summer morning a rack of antlers was visible in the distant meadow where the night before a pack of 14 wolves had taken down a bull elk.
Wolves primarily hunt in packs for large prey such as moose, elk, bison, musk oxen, and reindeer.
In some parts of America, people like to hunt deer, elk and bears, while in other areas they hunt wild boars.
Today's elk are under such pressure that once the season opens they tend to hole up in the thickest cover they can find.
Point out that whitetail deer and elk populations are exploding and we respond that mule deer hunting isn't like it was.
On the roof of the cave deft hands had painted bison, elk, horses and wild boars.
The fact that she consumed wild boar and dried elk in Estonia doesn't surprise me in the least.
In addition to buffalo, men hunted larger game, such as deer, moose, mountain sheep, antelope, and elk.
The bones of mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, lion, bison, and great Irish elk were found.
Coyotes, white-tailed deer, elk, and even alligators can cause problems on the ground.
Some of these destructive species include beavers, muskrats, elk, deer, voles, marmots, prairie dogs and geese.
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Examples from Classical Literature
His legs, incased in elk riding breeches and high boots, pranced under him with anger.
She had killed dozens of blacktail, an elk or two, and more than once a bear.
I did not act in a foolish or disorderly manner at all, but Tennessee and elk River were in me.
When elk saw the earth, he was so joyous, he rolled over and over on the earth.
You see here the elk or staghorn fern, which grows as a parasite on the palm or the petosperum of New Zealand.
Page 58 fol., is the Myth of the Elk, according to which an old man transformed himself into an elk by putting on an elkskin.
The Indian sambar deer looks like a short-legged big-bodied understudy of our American elk.
The elk are in danger of becoming extinct if they are not stringently guarded.
Anpan hin egan, qude zi egan, like the hair of an elk, a sort of grayish yellow.
Deer, elk, and mountain sheep occasionally are caught in deep snow, or are struck by a snowslide.
Choice cuts of elk, the tenderloin and tongues and hams of sheep were roasted.
Besides the numerous gangs of elk, large flocks of the ahsahta or bighorn, the mountain sheep, were to be seen bounding among the precipices.
Thousands of elk wander in antlered armies over the meadows.
The same week I shot the bull I named Oddball, a friend of mine also had a nice elk appear at a waterhole.
Here their horses wax fat on good pasturage, while the tribe revels in plenty upon the flesh of deer, elk, bear, and beaver.
The head is a straight piece of elk horn, about seven inches long, on the point of which an artificial barb is made fast, with twine well gummed.
It was now the season when the elk were bugling on the mountains.
He obeyed their directions, and forthwith found himself to be an elk.
He espied the deep tracks of the elk and fleetly followed him.
One favorite viewing spot is Horseshoe Park, where volunteers stand ready to answer questions about the elk rut, as the mating season is called.
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