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Circularly polarized x rays preferentially eject electrons from atoms magnetically aligned with the polarization axis.
In such an explosion, the core of a massive star implodes, sending out shock waves that eject the star's outer layers.
As long as the frequency of the light is greater than the work function of the metal, any photon can eject an electron.
Should one be surprised by the latest police probe against some of it's own officers for failing to eject an MP from the House last Friday?
Somehow the pilot managed to wrestle the aircraft level and eject, rocketing away on a plume of fire.
And there are reports that indicate that the Chinese pilot was able to eject, but we have seen no trace of him so far.
For example, many popular actions use spring-loaded plunger ejectors in the bolt face to eject spent cases.
I simply become easily disoriented and off-balance and violently eject myself from bed onto the floor.
In two similar incidents, both pilots had to eject because of aircraft damage.
If you are the faster key-code pusher, you will eject the Mech pilot and be able to claim the Mech for your own usage.
The rest push completely into the device and are ejected with a small eject button to the right of the slot.
In our debrief, we discussed crew coordination and the process of deciding to eject.
However, it is known that military aircraft using the countermeasures tend to eject lots of flares, just to be on the safe side.
The need of the electorate was to reject and eject a corrupt administration, Labour being an inoffensive alternative.
Every time the door opens to eject another sweaty dancer, clouds of steam waft out to envelope us in a damp mist.
In that case the pilot pulled a low altitude loop and pancaked, but he was able to eject in time.
After a few outings the firearm began to fail to eject the spent casing from the chamber.
We predicted, based on the egg mimicry hypothesis, that robins and catbirds would eject white cuckoo eggs and accept mimetic blue cuckoo eggs.
This morning at about seven, I heard one of the eldest boys forcibly eject Bobbie from the house in a rather brutish manner.
Its spectacularly veined silver leaves eject barbed blooms that can really bite.
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I am young enough to have been annoyed, and altogether eject and renegate the whole idea of political affairs.
He had humid asthma with incessant cough, which ended by causing him to eject thick yellow and puriform mucus.
The kidneys strain out urea, uric acid, and certain other poisons from the blood and eject them through the urinary tract.
This lordling threatens to eject these hapless Macalpines, and poor Kenneth, the widows son, is on the very verge of the grave.
Most members of the bug order can eject a disagreeable liquid, though few of them do it so successfully as the stink bug.
So I should be able to move the whole unit into the cargo lock and eject it from there.
It derives its name from an odor which it is able to eject, which smells not unlike that of the fox.
Others eject it by air pressure or by a combination of the two methods.
A little music does occasionally stray in, but we are not musical in the law and soon eject it.
Rutherford sounds note of warning, precautions should be taken to prevent influenza, eject sneezers from public places is urged.
These systems, which normally enable the bacteria to detect and eject malformed proteins, interpret the PGRPs as just such malformed proteins.
The door was opened by the man who had helped to eject Spicer.
He sat watching the toad all night, but the toad did not eject anything.
But I can eject the torpedo from the tube, and perhaps the others.
It could give a severe bite, and could eject water from its mouth to some distance, at the same time making a curious noise by the movement of its jaws.
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