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The great ministerial dynasties, and many of the most dynamic servants of the Bourbon monarchy, acquired nobility through the purchase of office.
Actually, the village is a living museum of buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties.
But the kinship between these two pedigreed sons of American political dynasties is sincere.
The Italian branches of the Habsburg and Bourbon dynasties were severed from their parent houses.
To their great credit, they have shown a gentleness of touch that dynasties aren't always known for.
Looking outside politics, we see similar dynasties in business, for example the Rockefellers, Mellons and du Ponts.
Is it finally high noon for one of Turkey's most powerful business dynasties?
Bootlegging helped enrich a fellow named Joseph Kennedy, creating one of America's great political dynasties.
Big sleeves were in a variety of Chinese clothing styles from various dynasties.
It was these men and the Greek dynasties they founded in the East who really created what we now know as Hellenistic culture.
Our examination of this ornament and several other jades has provided evidence for the use of rotary tools during the Ming and Qing dynasties.
The short and troubled reigns of Cnut's sons saw the rise of powerful dynasties in England.
We were totally out of our league, however, in the fine wines category and after the questions on Chinese dynasties we were in last place.
Prior to the modern period, states were justified by reference to their rulers, their dynasties, and their religion.
Totems of specific clans, healers, or royal dynasties are taboo to certain members of some ethnic groups.
Newcomers trying to break into politics in Kerry must be having second thoughts, given the way the old political dynasties continue to dominate.
The exhibition explores life above and below stairs, examining the role of women as decision makers raising dynasties and workhorses in service.
One of Cheshire's best known dynasties has been hit by a second shock death in five years.
His mother's family were the type of biblically rich dynasties that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about.
Historical artefacts preserved from that period show the might of the Bulgarian tsar dynasties and the influence of the Bulgarian Patriarch.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Ts'in must be distinguished from Tsin the name of three short but legitimate dynasties.
Manetho admits the existence of two other Memphite dynasties, of which the first contains seventy kings during as many days.
After the nations had been moulded, their monarchies and dynasties were established.
We have now not only recovered the earlier dynasties, but neolithic and palaeolithic Egypt emerges from the primitive cemeteries.
A fragment of an early dynastic chronicle from Nippur gives a list of the kings of the dynasties of Ur and Isin.
She talks of dynasties and tribal deities, of kings and kas and symbols until my head spins.
The ancient Pharaonic empire begins, or perhaps the reign of the divine dynasties.
All other declarations prior to this were but for dynasties, or were ethnic at most.
A homely utterance, but it has virtue to overthrow all dynasties and hierarchies.
Words have overturned dynasties and revolutionised kingdoms.
There would be a circle of buildings devoted to the 16 main dynasties of the Middle Kingdom, according to The Times.
The new theban empire, from the sixteenth to the twentieth dynasties.
The old theban empire, from the eleventh to the sixteenth dynasties.
Ptah of Memphis comes to the front in the earliest dynasties.
Nearby the palace are the Saadian Tombs, largely forgotten until rediscovered in 1917 and the resting place of one Morocco's most powerful sultanic dynasties.
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