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Tall fescue, a cool-season grass, is good-looking and heat-hardy but requires irrigation to make it through the dry season.
In addition to grain, queleas also feed on insects and, in the dry season, strip the leaves from trees.
The addra gazelle spends the dry season in the Sudan, occurring singly, or in small groups.
Dry grasses and some sedges cover the meadow during the dry season when I conducted this study.
They aestivate during the dry season but come up to the surface to spawn after the first rains.
The tree will fruit only in a subtropical or tropical climate where there is a distinct dry season.
During the dry season the condition of the rivers worsens as water levels drop.
After such a dry season goal-wise, it was no surprise that both legs of the play-off final between Pohang and Suwon finished goalless.
As a result of this amazing reverse flow, the lake expands from 2,700 square kilometers in the dry season to no less than 16,000 sq km.
Their shade reduces evaporation and keeps the soil moist during the dry season, and their roots protect the banks from erosion.
While very little rain falls during the dry season, the amount that does fall is more variable than during the wet season.
However, the real problem comes when the dry season lasts longer than normal, because this supply of rainwater will run out.
Actually, in areas where tagua nuts are gathered, production is continuous, although a peak in fruit production does exist in the dry season.
All trials were conducted in the autumn of 1996, and summers and autumns of 1997 and 1998, during the dry season characteristic of the region.
It's caused by the onset of the dry season, when the water backed up in the Tonie Sap lake begins to drain into the Mekong.
Flower buds are borne on new shoots emerging from the terminal branches at the end of the cool, dry season.
In the dry season, all life moves north, leaving the southern plains disappointingly bare and empty.
The climate is highly seasonal, with a well-defined dry season from late November to mid-May.
The climate is humid and tropical with a dry season from January to May and a wet season from June to December.
During the dry season, man and animal seek out tsamma melons and gemsbok cucumbers to provide them with water.
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The dry season here is not excessive, nor is there any estivation, as in some tropical countries.
The lungfish have a curious habit which keeps them over the dry season.
It was on a sultry day of the dry season that he and one of his cousins had gone down to the bank to drink.
The process of ensilage is to be prepared for shortage of feed in dry season.
In the dry season, under cloudless skies for months, the unrelenting sun beats down in an unvarying crush of heat and light.
In the dry season, the pools completely dry out and the fishes die, but the eggs resist desiccation and remain in the substratum during the dry period.
We arrived when the dry season was beginning so that, far from being impassibly flooded, the river's depths alternated with shoals that only local pilots could anticipate.
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