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These birds are highly adapted to aquatic life. They dive to catch most of their prey, and have a gular pouch in which they can carry food.
If he took this logic to the extreme, the next course of action might mean a radical dive to pick up airspeed so we could pop up over the trees.
They soar, spin, and dive to the floor, then spiral swiftly back to shoulder stands, splits and endless balances.
He and a buddy made a shore entry dive to 70 feet for 15 minutes wearing dry suits.
It is 23.5 meters long with clear glass sides and can dive to a level of 30 meters.
They have six weapons tubes, used for launching both torpedoes and missiles, and can dive to depths greater than 300 metres.
A 58-year-old diver using a rebreather with a dry suit made a shore dive to 300 feet.
Elephant seals can dive to depths of almost a mile without getting the bends.
It mostly seeks to duck and dive to avoid taking responsibility for the crass way this country is now managed on our behalf.
Some species such as the pilot whale can dive to depths of nearly 2,000 feet.
It's quite a physical game as you run and dive to dodge paintballs, crawl through bushes and climb into forts.
Some can dive to depths of one kilometre without damage to their tissues.
Confidence evaporating, I dive to my right to escape and find myself in ladies lingerie amid a kaleidoscopic array of skimpy bras, thongs and fishnets.
Accompanied by a guide, viewers can snorkel or scuba dive to the sculptures for an up-close look.
Charioteers would steer towards their targets with just their head and shoulders above water until, 60 feet out, they would dive to a depth of about 30 feet.
Some alcids remain underwater as long as two minutes, exceptionally even longer, and dive to depths of thirty metres.
As the birds approach, bank and dive to decoys, the outstanding blue patch on each forewing is a dead giveaway as to the identity.
I think more people should snorkel and scuba dive to see what marine life there is.
It's a much safer for a skydiver or someone beginning to sky dive to use a wind tunnel to build their skills and build confidence.
Last year's dive to earth's deepest point, seven miles down in the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench, embodied this new era.
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He had only to ease just a little out of his dive to catch the top of the flying boat in his sights.
The nine light Spitfires went down in a screaming dive to cover the Blenheims and the bristols.
He drowned at 125ft on a dive to German warships in Scapa Flow off the Orkney Islands last November.
These were to demonstrate that the ship would dive to terminal velocity.
Then it will be time to get into two manned MIR submersibles forthe long dive to the surface of the ocean.
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